Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This is me catching in Hilsboro on Saturday.
We went 3-0.

     Here is me catching.

Here is Me catching again.

Here we are celebrate getting first at 9:30pm.

This weekend we have state at witchita we found out that our first came was at 9:00 Friday night.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

This is Maddie again.  I was catching in chapman on father's day weekend.
We went 3-1 they lost to the team they played first in the morning.
We had fun and one of our teamates was really excited  because she lived in chapman.

Here is Owen and mpm at his mothers day tea party at preschool.

Here Owen is with his teacher Kim Larson also known as Mrs.Kim and cousin Boston.

Here is Owen cousin Boston and Brooks eating icecream when we went over a couple weeks back.

                                                      Here I am  up to bat in Chapman.

Garrett is still around, but is working some with Grandpa and Grandma so we don't get too many pics of him. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This Is Maddie and Marcy Hammel at our softball tournament In Salina.
We are doing our senior pose.She thinks it looks awesome. 

Here Is Maddie Up to bat.

When we went Camping over mothers day weekend at Clinton lake we went swimming on Saturday it was freezing  then we went on Sunday it was much nicer. Katie said that Gemma  didn't like the sand but after awhile she was in love with it. She was throwing it, she even went in the water like the big kids even though the water was a little chilly.

Here is Garrett in the championship game.

Here is Garrett And Holden Hiegle celebrating the win  of both their games. They got first.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So here Garrett is doing his natural  thing rubbing his eyebrow it drives us all nuts.And he is doing it when we went fishing a little while back.

So Owen is pointing at something that he thinks is an alligator.

So I'm not there right now because I was helping Garrett get unstuck from the mud and he had tennis on and he was covered with mud he was  dirty. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

This is Maddie I'm tired of my mom not updating the blog and so is grandpa Derald. So I am updating for her! 
So this is Easter Sunday at grandma &; grandpa Debbie & Deralds house. Owen finds an egg in the hay bale not surprised.They hide them in the same spot every year.So after we had dessert everybody came out and the kids played catch and hit some balls off the tee and Uncle Rex was throwing me some pop fly's and one of them went over the tree and I was NOT paying any attention where I was going and I RAN STRAIGHT into the tree. It was an interesting Easter.


Owen finds another egg!!!!!!!!!!

First game of the season!!!!!! Playing catcher already.

First games in council grove on Saturday April 14th the day of the bad weather and tornado's.
We went 3-0 we could of got 4-0 but the team that we were going to play in the champion ship was a team from Topeka and they wanted to get home because of the weather. We ended up getting second place medals because the team from Topeka was the same seed as us they figured it out by using that they allowed six runs and we allowed seven runs. It didn't make sense to me at first so  mom had to 
do a lot of explaining. I still didn't get it it was really confusing.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Catch up and Christmas Time

I'm not even going to bother w/the excuses!

Fall was filled with Garrett and FB and Brent refereeing FB. Brent and Maddie's bday was in September. Our anniversary was in October and made a quick overnight stay to celebrate in Topeka. November was Thanksgiving in South Dakota and Christmas Shopping towards the end of the month. The flu bug that knocked Garrett out of his holiday concert right before Thanksgiving break. Maddison and Brent got it too..Owen a week later!

December brought NO winter activities for our family. BB can wait for Maddison and Garrett had no interest in playing this winter. Which is fine with us! Enjoying our evenings..

We have gone church caroling, rang the salvation army bell for an hour in Clay Center, Church Christmas program. 2 Christmas's so far...and a partridge in a pear tree!

We hope your families are all doing well..We are enjoying our first real snowfall of the season and having a snow day today. Cinnamon rolls, monopoly, snowmen, chili and hot cocoa are on the agenda the rest of the day!

We had our family pics taken in early November.

I will get some christmas pics up soon. I even did a homemade advent calendar and photo garland..maybe just maybe I can get some pics of those!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Final Days of Summer Vacation..Day 4 & 5

Yes..i know I'm slow, but thought before I started posting "Fall" things, I better finish Summer.  Better late than never!

At dusk on the 4th evening, we went to Sheep Lake to watch Big Horn Sheep come drink and feed.  We sat for 2.5 to 3 hours and saw nothing but a coyote.  Our kids were fit to be tied we stayed that long.  Garrett sat in the car the whole time and Maddie and Owen were back and forth, in and out.  Later we find out through a different park ranger that no sheep had been seen for a week and were lambing up high in the mountains.  Regardless...the beauty of God's Creation was wonderful!
 Trying really hard to see something!
It was also funny to watch cars pull in cuz we are sitting outside and pointing at things.  Cars would pull in and then 5 minutes later pull out!

 Last day we did what the kids had been dying to do since we got to Estes Park.  Fun City!  We played putt-putt. 
 Garrett and Brent getting Maddie's ball out of the water!
 Owen and Garrett going down slide.  Owen's one and only time!  He did NOT like it.
 Bumper Cars!
 Maddie wanted to do the bungee trampoline thing

 AND Go-KARTS...the funnest thing.   We had races and competitons.  Just so you know...Owen is totally faking the smile..he was not happy he had to ride with MOM..
 Maddie finally got her way and got to ride with Dad...I was totally offended!
 Few misc. pics from here and there.

 We also walked up to some falls that were created by a flood. Kids had a good time crawling around on the rocks.  Garrett wasn't into posing with statues!

 I didn't get a shot of our little condo/cabin.  But this was the view from the back deck.  owen and I walked down there one evening and he threw rocks and talked to himself.  It was priceless.
 And looking towards RMNP. At sunset.
There is nothing more special than a Family Vacation.  Even though the first couple of days are rough as we are not used to being around each other 24/7.  But for the most part we all did well.We grilled hb's and hotdogs and ate on our deck two nights in a row and just relaxed.    I am thankful for my husband who works so hard for us to be able to go on vacation and that he was able to get a break too! Even if only for a short while.  The kids might have complained some, as well as I, but they are already talking about things they did and remember and can't wait to go back!  You don't have to go anywhere fancy or special or far away, taking a break as a family and doing things as a family is what is important.  Try it sometime!