Saturday, November 8, 2008

Worth it?

I went to Manhattan today to go to the craft fair Buttons N Bows. Let me back up...I took the kids w/me to Manhattan today to go to the craft fair...Yes, I know what you are thinking. Don't remind me. It has been a LONG time since I have had all 3 kids by myself and gone to Manhattan, let alone on a Saturday. There is definately a reason I go during the week at 8:30 in the morning. The kids were actually pretty good at the craft fair considering the amount of people and the fact that strollers aren't allowed in any of the buildings. Plus my mom went w/me there, so I wasn't truly by myself. By the way Brent was going to Hanover for a playoff football game, so our season isn't quite over yet.

Ok so we hit the fair, mall-just to grab a bite to eat and take back a sweater, no other shopping was done, Hobby Lobby. Then my mom went home and I headed off to Walmart and Walgreens. In the car I told G&M if they were good in Walmart and cooperated they could get a pop for the way home AFTER Owen went to sleep. "Sure mom, no Problem" those words spoken from the older two. We pulled into the parking lot at Walmart, I mentally checked going Walgreens off my list as I knew the kids were not going to make it through walmart. Owen had been woken up about 6 times in and out of car, so I really just tried to get neccesities on the list and get out. We go in and things are running smoothly..Maddison told me she had to go potty BEFORE we were at the back of the store - Plus #1.. Found razors on sale -Plus #2 Ran into some old friends Plus #3. Then things started to go South at the toy section. Older two wanted to look at "Christmas Ideas". Owen wanted to sleep. Started for grocery aisles. South #1-Free Samples were for adults only this time. South #2-Owen had little lunch and wanted cheese curls in cart. I opened them and things were soso, until and here is the kicker......Bye, Bye Pacifier!!!!!! I only noticed after Maddison started sucking the cheese flakes off of Owens' fingers--don't even ask about that one!, Owen screamed and I went to plug him up. And no pacifier. So I am trying to play it cool. I am thinking its in the backpack which is buried under groceries. Surely Owen can make it the last 10 minutes or so. After some fussing in line and the other two complaining their feet were going to fall off from all the WALKING they had to do, (go ahead and picture emmy award for their dramatics), we headed to van. But not BEFORE we go grab two cans of pop from vending machine. Which this particular day is when I find out that Walmart does NOT SELL the 25 cent Sam's Choice cans anymore. Either coke or pepsi in a bottle for 1.25. At this point I was like who cares but you are splitting the pop. After a very quick decision on flavor we headed to the van w/one pouting about the pop. It doesn't matter who.....Unload and go to dig through the diaper bag for pacifier and people are honking waiting for my parking space. I don't like confrontation so I back up only to decide we are going back to buy a pacifier, because that was the LAST one we owned and I didn't feel like ridding the pacifier today. I know its time, but Lord not today we drive around and find a parking spot farther away than orginal, unload everyone and off we go in search of a pacifier. We wind and weave our way through aisles, people, displays to the baby section, only to discover they don't have/carry THE pacifier we needed. So plan the aisles starting in the chips. (last known place) avail. I grab a 2 pack of 96 cent pacifiers and a loaf of bread (which I forgot last time) and headed to checkout. Only to find that EVERY lane is 5 people deep w/huge cart fulls. Express and self checkouts were even LONGER. Head to customer service which is worse. I finally went to the jewlery counter and waited less than 5 minutes but seemed forever. Some of you may wonder about the older 2, well, they kept up w/feet attached, but boy they sure thought they were going to fall off for sure. Head back out to van, out the wrong door and ended up walking in the cold far too long than need be. Ok everyone is back in the van....Owen is fit to be tied and screaming his head off. Rip open the pacifiers shove one in his mouth. He looks, gags, and throws it on the floor. No luck, the kid won't take the thing. I've had it. I head home. Owen actually fell asleep soundly and slept the whole way home, until I tried to carry him in. He awakes and doesn't know what to do to comfort himself and so the screaming starts over. The kids unload the van while I try everything I can to get Owen to go back to sleep or just calm down. As a last resort after 45 minutes, I go to his room, pull the crib out from the wall, clear everything out, and partially open the pack n play that stored underneath and prayed. And GOD ALMIGHTY answered. There in the dust bunnies sat a little blue pacifier. I didn't even bother cleaning it off, Owen grabbed it and his head hit the pillow and was out!!! Quick as a switch... Ok so I'm really sure this IS THE LAST ONE! Oh I didn't buy anything at the craft show either in case you wondered! So was it worth it? I suppose. I did truly see a miracle today. Good thing the Lord has a sense of humor!!! Amen. Have a great weekend....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jump, jump, jump

Owen loves the trampoline and last night was pounding at the door to go out. The wind has been blowing here for 3 LONG days and where we live the wind blows hard. I took this video of Owen jumping, you can see how the wind almost knocks him over. He looks pretty cute and innocent but this morning he used my toothbrush to clean the toilet. Mentioned this to Brent ans his response "Are you sure that was the first time?" Does he know something I don't know????


I finally got around to taking some pics of the rock that we have finished. Some may not agree, but we do like how it turned out. I took the pictures last night when it was getting dark so I hope you can see ok. My front porch looks pretty bare, but hopefully come Christmas time I can do a little more.

Some may have not seen the siding that we put on our house either from this spring. Some might not have seen the logs before either, but they are no more. We do like our siding, but still makes us sick to think we had to do something so soon after building. Notice I didn't take real close ups of the rock as don't want to draw attention to our many could've(s), should've(s) and would've(s)!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


We survived Halloween night. It always seems to be rush, rush, rush. This year was no different, but the kids really did well. We managed to hit all the stops. There was some in and out of the car, but then managed to walk several blocks later in the evening. Hope everyone had a great time too.