Monday, August 29, 2011

Vacation Day 3 - Alberta Falls Day

We took another hike on Saturday (day 3)  to a waterfall..It was really, really busy. A lot of people, in fact we had to park in a big parking lot and then acutally ride a shuttle bus to get to the parking lot to start this hike.  All in all it was ok, but could only take what we could carry, so we opted on not taking lunch and eating we carried water bottles and granola bars and trail mix.

Some smaller falls on the way up.

View of Alberta Falls from a distance.
Quick rest stop
On top of Alberta falls

Boys checking things out- a little too close for comfort for mom.

Family Picture

Up top looking down...and yes I took this picture.  (courtney h..this one is for you)

After Alberta Falls,  we decided while we were there we would go ahead and walk around this lake (don't remember name).  Kids were getting hungry and our granola bars and trailmix were LONG gone..

Finally found another picnic spot and ate a late lunch, of you guessed it...pb&J, grapes, carrots, chips, and water!

We saw this guy on our way back to cabin after lunch...