Monday, April 12, 2010


Meet Lucky our new dog!
After being virtually pet free (we've had one stray cat for about 1 month and some kittens that ALL disappeared after 3 weeks or so and NO the Rabbit does NOT count) for our entire married life we got a dog.  Lucky is pretty "lucky".  He was going to be put down by the owner because she couldn't sell him.  Lucky has a limp on his left front leg/paw.  Not sure what is the problem other than he got a cut as a puppy.  90 percent sure it will be permanant, but that's ok. To be honest I'm a suprised as to how much this DOES NOT affect him.  I was kinda thinking that maybe this would slow him down enough that he wouldn't be able to get around as much. Meaning maybe he wouldn't dig, or chase cars, or tear up things.  uhhhhh not going to happen, which is a GOOD thing, but still, just thought we would be broken in gently.  He has yet to do any damage.  Lucky is a little shy, but is quickly warming up.  I'm a bit concerned that he has not eaten much, but hoping that its the transistion.  He came from a lot of dogs to no dogs, so thinking he might be a little sad.
Owen has been in and out all morning.  He LOVES this puppy.  He cried yesterday am when we told him we couldn't take Lucky to church with us.  I really think they are going to be the best of friends.  As you can see in this picture, he doesn't look to disabled.  Lucky runs much better than he walks.  (not sure THAT is a good thing).