Saturday, June 20, 2009


Ok I told you I wouldn't post pics and I'm keeping my promise. I did take my camera but I completely forgot to get it out. I'm not kidding I really didn't think of getting it out. I was nervous, wondering if I should go to bathroom ONE more time, what if I get a cramp. All thoughts running thru my head. At the risk of sounding prideful, which I'm totally not trying to be, Brent and I both finished without having to walk. I was very proud of my husband, he really did well considering he hasn't been running that long. I am hoping he continues, but we shall see. I was happy my time was better than last time I ran it (before O was born). Sorry to sound so braggish, but I am so glad we accomplished our goal. Garrett and Maddie both ran the mile. Both started out superfast and were really getting winded about .25 miles. Maddie got it together (she is much more competitive thand Garrett), and ran most of the way. Garrett got it together about .50 miles and the finished strong as well. But Maddie did beat him, BUT BOTH got FIRST in their age groups. Proud of them. Well I am off to nap....Have a wonderful Father's Day tomorrow.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Alert Road Race

So I have my high carb meal ate and think I'm pretty hydrated and I am PRAYING for a good nights sleep and that O doesn't wake up, that Maddie doesn't have a bloody nose and brent doesn't snore. Brent and I are running tomorrow at 7:30am so if your up say a prayer for my husband and I. 6.2 miles is LONG WAY. But oh the kids from church need to go to CHIC. I will post pics tomorrow. Yeah Right. Who wants to see 2 red faced/sweaty/dying for a breath/ pics? You can go ahead and picture it in your head and then when you think you have it take that pic x's 10. That is how we shall look after the race! Oh Maddie and Garrett are running/walking the mile. They will do fine they aren't worried in the least!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My baby is TWO today!

Today is O's big day! To be honest this day is as typical as all the rest. Wakes up early, me trying to get him back to sleep, no luck. Owen picks out the cereal he wants, takes 2 bites and "all done" Next 10 minutes are me trying to get him to eat his ceral. (same scenerio applies w/waffles, pancakes, toast and sometimes eggs!), We change into clothes and change diaper. he then messes around, goes and wakes up Garrett and by this time Maddison is usually awake. Morning is spent playing, snacking, time out, ball, and outside. 11:30 lunch, nap at 12:45. Awake at 2:45 EXACTLY. Rest of afternoon like morning. Then supper and ballgames or outside. So I can't really say we have done anything special. Maybe we can get a frosty or a sonic jr sundae after Maddie's game tonight. We shall see how Owen is by that time.
G-holding him about an hour after delivery

M-holding O about an hour after delivery

A couple of weeks after birth. You would think I know, but thinking the camera "date stamp" was wrong or didn't get changed after batteries. This was right before Aunt Mikhaela came over to take pics for birth announcements. I can't believe how little everyone looks. Garrett would have been almost 7 and Maddie 4 1/2! My how the grow up.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

My Aunt Jo got Owen a Hippo Bubble Machine for his birthday. (There was a boy at VBS in the nursery that had one of these and Owen LOVED it.) I was hoping the same would be true if he had one. He didn't let me down. The kids played w/it this morning. And YES, I know he sounds like a little piglet squealing. That is his "happy" scream.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Owen's 2nd Bday Party

Owen turns 2 on Thursday! Can't really believe it. I can't imagine how dull our lives would be without him in it. God really did have a plan bringing him into our lives when we least expected it! On Sunday night we had our family bday party. I like to do both sides at the same time. That way I don't have to get ready twice, but selfishly its so I only have to do ONE cake. I'm not a huge cake eater and I have no artistic ability at all. So coming up w/a cheap cake is always my biggest challenge. What you invision is not always what turns out. Owen is really into farm stuff (way way more than my other two) so I searched the internet on different "farm" cakes. So I took some notes and decided to do truck and stock trailer. G&G Craig have gray stock trailer and red truck. Surely it can't be THAT hard can it? Ok, so maybe I should start off by saying that I left my bag of groceries at the store so the night I wanted to make my white cake I only had one white cake mix instead of 2 so we went w/chocolate. I have NEVER had good luck w/choclate cake for decorating. This time was no excecption. Long story short we had a hot pink/red truck w/purple/gray stock trailer. Brent takes FULL credit for the cutting and designing of this cake and not that I want to admit it, but I take full responsibility in frosting the cake. Good news is that Owen atleast could tell what it was and started saying "cows, cows". Oh-and red frosting stained EVERYTHING it touched. From fingertips and hands to teeth and tongue. It will be a LONG time before I use red again.

A few pics of some gifts. To our families thank you so much for everything. He LOVES it all. Today was a much better Monday because of all the new stuff! Thanks
Owen w/cake
Truck and Stock-Trailer