Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Owen and his not so cute moments!

This is to all my friends and family that think Owen is just so darn cute ALL the time! He has his moments. (you all might think this is funny, but this was taken about 45 minutes into the crying session. Talk about annoying!)

Easter Weekend

Easter was gorgeous!  Sunrise service was not freezing!  Even though the sun was rising and the clouds blocked its beauty it still was a beautiful morning.  Potluck Breakfast's after sunrise service's are the BEST.  Getting ready for church at my parents house after sunrise service is always a little rushed.  This year was no exception.  These are really pretty good picks considering that 5 minutes before this I was still cutting tags off of clothes, (don't ask) my parents got a phone call that my grandma needed to go to the ER.  Could they come in and help grandpa get her there?  AND the Easter bunny had come and left a few goodies.
PS-My grandma spent one night in the hospital, but is home now and doing fine.  Had a little vertigo (inner ear infection) problem.