Thursday, April 16, 2009

Owen's Ears

We met w/Dr, Pease yesterday on Owen's ear infections. Seems to be SO many lately. We had to do two sets of tubes w G-Man and the second go-round we did the adnoids and tonsils and truly have had very, very, little problems since (3 years). To be honest I was glad Dr. Pease said he would like to do tubes. I think it was more of relief to know that something more long term would be done, rather than another round of antibiotics. So on April 27 we are headed in for tubes. Owen is also a mouth-breather. Hoping this too will help and improve speech process, even though he passed all hearing tests with flying colors. ( I really wasn't worried about that, he DEFINATELY KNOWS & HEARS what is going on). I will update you more on when the exact time will be on Monday (27th)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sliver-Tis the Spring

With the onset of spring (what few GOOD days we've had) comes flip flops and bare feet. Last week (i think) there was one day when the weather was pretty nice out. Owen absolutely loves to be outside, so any chance he gets he is out. Well we were eating our afternoon snack outside on the deck. When I noticed that he was walking kinda funny. So I took a look and sure enough he had a sliver. I know this will be one of MANY, but I thought it was a pretty nice one to start the season...

Sorry its a little fuzzy. I kept trying to zoom in on the sliver and it kept picking up the foot. Don't know my camera all that well to try and change it. He wasn't real happy w/me anyway tht I was taking pictures.

Excuse the man hands...I just don't have nice nails and never will.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter Egg Hunting at G & G Craig's Friday Night

ALL the Craig Cousins.
Kolby, Brooks, Maddie, Boston, Keegan, Owen, Garrett, Karson
Easter Morning at G & G Rundquist's
We had a great Easter weekend. Busy, but got to see a lot of family. My aunt Jo from SD came to mom's. The kids had a great time w/her and Pooky (dog).
PS- Owen would NOT smile for a picture so this was the best we could do all dressed up.

Field Trip to Concordia

A couple of weeks ago both Brent and I left Owen with my in-laws and went with the kids on a field trip to Concordia. We had a good time despite the weather being cold and windy. We went to the Brown Grand Theatre and saw a play called "Molly makes 6" About a girl who wants a dog. (Right up Maddie's alley, no we still don't have a pet, but I will say I did feel bad when the play was over and taking a tour of the theatre, the tour guide asked how many kids had pets? Maddison was the only one in K-2 who DIDN'T raise her hand. I did get an "I told you so look" though!) Brent headed w/Garrett to the Orphan Train museum while Maddie and I finished at theatre and then switched. After that it was onto Cloud County Juco, where we ate lunch and the kids recorded some things for their Longford Book/DVD project. One group got to see the biology lab w/snakes, our group was fortunate to miss that and hit the gym w/CC BB players. Maddison LOVED it. Garrett not so much, but was really impressed w/the basketball holder "thing" He shot baskets w/that. After that we went to the new wind farm technology classroom (main reason Brent went) and then out to the windfarm for a quick picture. We had a great time!
Garrett and Friend in balcony @ Brown Grand Theatre

Maddie Shootin' Hoops

Maddie taking instructions

Garrett figuring it out!

Wind Farm quick pic