Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Cake

I am NOT an artist.  NOR am I REAL crafty. But I am CHEAP, soo paying for a bday cake is usually not an option.  However as G gets older his cakes are becoming more and more of a pain in you know what.  He has such high expectations for his mother to "whip" up some great 5 star cake. I do enjoy TRYING..however sometimes they are a FLOP.  And I should say that the cake itself is not the problem it's that decor and/or icing that is the problem.

This year we tried something different.  Garrett's bday is always hot and humid and this year was no exception.  So we did ice cream cake

One package of snack size snickers chopped up.  (you can use any candy or cookies you would like)
2 boxes of 12 count ice cream sandwiches..we used 1 box vanilla another box peanut butter chocolate chip
One layer of ice cream sandwiches in 9x13 pan. 

1 jar of chocolate fudge syrup warmed up (makes it easier to pour, can also you caramel or butterscotch)
Pour on top of first layer of i.c.sand. then cover fudge w/candy. and start another layer of ice cream sandwiches.

Cover w/ whip cream or plain vanilla ice cream.  Then freeze.  After a good 12 hours take out and decorate.
I opted for whip cream.  I don't think I would recommend that for decorating w/frosting or gel frosting. The whip cream thawed waaay to fast and the frosting ended up being a jumbled mess. 

Finished Product-Its ok if you laugh out loud.  I did, and because I won't be there watching over your shoulder as you read this- it really is ok to say-Yes, she isn't an artist!
In case you are wondering what on earth that yellow thing is..
G wanted a JOHN DEERE emblem-not just the words but the EMBLEM/TRADEMARK

Happy Birthday G-Man!

My oldest is can that be?  I remember thinking he would NEVER be born.  He took forever to get here, but once he has NEVER been the same. 

Garrett you are wonderful and WE LOVE YOU!

We had our family bday party last night and a little friend party be continued!