Wednesday, May 5, 2010

KSU Field Trip

I had the privilege of joining Maddison on her one big field trip of the year.  On Monday I rode the bus w/30 plus 1st graders and many parents and teachers to Manhattan to tour some buildings at the KSU campus. 

I was a little nervous about the bus ride.  I thought it would be WAY loud, but the kids were awesome.  Bus ride to and from was uneventful (THANK YOU LORD). 

First stop was the sheep/goat barn. 

2nd Stop was Bill Snyder Stadium...
This is in the front office. 

Maddison waiting on "game film"...These seats were very comfortable
Game jerseys and shoes

Football Locker Room

Running out the tunnel and out on the field!

Doing the splits and practice cheering!

Maddison running to me after a 50 yard sprint!

She got a little football in too!

3rd stop was Bramlage and the indoor practice facility. 
Bramlage had the floor up for a banquet and the locker rooms were locked, but the kids did get to run in the indoor facility it was really nice.  Maddison took a little "bet" for a 100 yard race, from a very nice mom and her son.  Let's just say Maddison won!  But I don't have pics to prove it.  Maybe the nice mom could send a few pics my way or did they "accidentally" get erased??

We then ate lunch at the Union courtyard and then made a track for Call Hall for ice cream.  Maddison got Chocolate Brownie delight and I had peanut butter nut.  Both were YUMMY. 

We had a great day, the weather was PERFECT and the kiddos were great!

PS-Sorry about spell check...can't get it off and I can't repost for some reason.  So please excuse the yellow hightlights!

Lucky Dog update #2

Owen and the dog go round and round and round ALL day long. O is in and out of the house a million times. There are a couple of upsides:he can put his boots on the right feet by himself, he's not watching tv, and is taking good naps from being outside a lot in the morning. Down side...he leaves ALL doors open no matter how many times I tell him. Which fine for now, but when its hot and ac is on, and ALL the fly's, then we could be in trouble.

Playing Ball

I know, I know, you are all just dying for me to post something. Posting something, anything, a little or a lot, has been on my "to-do" list for 2 weeks and everytime I think I will do it, I get distracted by someone else's blog, facebook, emails, vbs, laundry, get my drift.

We have been busy, but not busy w/things that are interesting to post about. School, church, work, kids, dog, bills (again you get my drift)

These next to videos are Owen and playing ball. He spends a lot of time outside and likes to play ball. However he doesn't think he can hit AND put the ball on the tee so Brent or I have to "load" the tee. The other night I noticed him making funny faces when he was trying to hit the ball hard. Thus the two videos.