Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well...our family has been playing.  Playing a lot.  Here's a quick glance...

Garrett played 3 on 3 soccer agin this spring.  They had their tourney last Saturday and took 3rd place.  Very, Very, proud of him...I would show you pics, but they are lost.  I have no idea if I deleted them or not, but I can't find them on my camera or in any file or folder on the computer. grrrrrrr

Garrett also plays in the 5th grade band playing the trumpet.  He also played special music at church!

Playing Ball....Maddie is playing this summer on a traveling team.  We have been to Beatrice, NE and then to Abilene last weekend.  In Beatrice they took 1st and Abilene took 3rd.  Both weekends had some great ballgames. 


 Owen has been playing with cows and friends.  Here is his friend Jonah at the CC Sale Barn....

And we can't forget Lucky...Here he's playing dead!
 Here playing in the pond!

Brent and I have been playing as well....we play the drivers, referee's, coach, washers, dryers, cooks, gas pumpers, gardener's and everything in between....BUT we LOVE it and wouldn't trade it for anything!

My Mother's Day was great and had a wonderful day...AND A BIG SHOUT OUT to my parents who celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on Mother's Day!!!!!  Couldn't ask for better parents, how blessed am I that God chose them to be my parents! Love you!