Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sale Barn Day

Yesterday (Tues) we sold our spring calves. Owen loves the sale barn.  He actually sat on Brent's lap for about 2 hours and then wandered between Grandpa Derald, Grandma Debbie and myself.  Our calves sold about an hour earlier than I thought, so that was good.  He didn't have to sit too long.  We have sat longer.  He was enthralled w/the BIG BLACK BULLS! That kept him guessing about what would come into the ring next!

MMMMM. Wonder which calves look best to buy?

mmmm.  I think THAT one!
I am always a little nervous about any hand gestures-don't want to end up buying something...

Doing a little diggin' -Hey we were at the sale barn. I've seen worse!

He had to write down the number, weight, and price just like Grandpa and Daddy!

Yep...they sold Good!

Wind Again

I like living in the country.  Really I do.  I LOVE where we live.  Pretty central location even for the country.  I love my house...but really!  Wind blowing 30 miles w/snow blowing again.  UGHGGGGHHHHHH.  To be honest, layed down to take a quick little cat nap. Things were calm.  Not so much when I woke up.  Must have slept a bit longer than planned!!!

I'm really fighting the urge to repost AGAIN Mexico Trip Pics.  Why make myself suffer?

Christmas Present

I got my Christmas Present FINALLY in the mail yesterday.  Its NOT the red hot mixer.  My mixer is the industrial gray/black.  Quite cool too, if you ask me.  No the gift is the handy little white thing.  The thing slices and shredds in 4 different sizes.  I used the coarse shredder size last night for cheese.  I shredded 2 blocks of cheese in about 30 seconds.  COOL.  I got a little "high" off of that.  Oh the things that I can do.  I MIGHT try potatoes tonight.  Altough my family is not a real big fried potatoe or hasbrown family.  Its not the potatoes its the fact that I don't drowned them in oil! Or all the zuchini from the garden this summer?  Oh this so beats the hand greater..I got my present.. yah,yah, yah!  Thank you to my hubby for thinking of me.( even if you did order Dec. 23!)

Monday, January 4, 2010


Well....its been almost a week since we were promised a "credit" at NFM.  I also told you I wasn't going to get my hopes until I receieved the letter.  I've been holding my breath. 

TAAA-DAAAAA - IT came in the mail today!  All said and true we have our credit. Woo Hoooooo.  Now I can do some serious research and thinking on what it is that we need...

I forgot to mention in the last post, we were able to "buy" back our "old" furniture from Guardsman.  Meaning that when NFM delivers our new stuff they don't take the "old" on top of all of this we get to keep our orginial pieces for a small price.  Going to try and get the stain out myself.  I was hesitant to try anything before we had all paperwork, in case they decided to try to clean it after all.

So if I can get the stain out, not sure where the credit will go.  But so excited of the possibilities!