Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Our week officially started off MUCH, MUCH better.  We had a great time yesterday despite the fact that O didn't have a nap. 

After working around the yard yesterday am, the kids and I went to Grandpa Dave and Grandma Donna's for some fishing and a picnic. 

Owen fishing. I'm pretty sure the longest the bobber actually stayed in water was whenever it was cast the farthest!  He didn't have the patience-he kept saying every 2 seconds
'Gotta bite' bringing it in

This creek "hole" was one we used to swim in all the time.
And yes the water was that dirty if not more.  Kinda grosses me out now.

Trying another spot to see if the fish are biting any better here. 
(note: they weren't, but Grandpa Dave caught a few)

Stopped on the way home to get our feet wet.
See the nice 2011 Tiger Graffiti behind my dad.

Apparently this creek has been renamed "keystone creek"
Just a note to you, and I quote, "2011 Kick Ass Tigers" signing your initials doesn't make you any cooler!

So glad my children who now know how to read will have some reading material when we want to go fishing or to throw rocks or to just get our feet wet! NOT 

I took this pic because I thought the blue in the sky was really pretty!

We then had a hot dog roast
And a picnic outside. 
After supper..we went to pasture to check cattle.  Owen thought he was BIG stuff driving!

View from pasture hill top
Owen and Grandpa Dave waving at us from the bottom of hill

Ending the day w/a bath and chocolate ice cream cone

We had a great day, thanks mom and dad for providing entertainment.  oh-I really was going to bring
Lucky along, but decided that wet dog smell in the van on way home, was not worth it.  (brent had the truck)

(note: just in case anyone wondered where/what brent was, he worked all day.  He worked on a rental in the am and cut waterways in the afternoon and by 9pm last night he was broke out in hives and eyes fiery red.  Stuffy/runny nose all at the same time. Must have gotten into something while unplugging the swather.  He is better today, but still stuffy.)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 1- Summer Vacation

Week One of Summer vacation was a bit rough!  That is all I'm going to say about it.  I don't have any pics and I'm glad, because they might see an angry, screaming, nagging mother!   And 3 children doing the same!It was a tranisition period.  We did have SOME GREAT moments.  I know our summer will progress better and we all just had a rough week.

Owen was acutally the one that had a BIGGER issue than anyone.

I vow this week will be better! 

Bright Moments in the week.
*Tuesday-Sale Barn day.  "white face" sold. That is G's cow that he has had his ENTIRE LIFE-all of nine years almost 10!  (i know we have a pic of her somewhere, but can't find it right now) That part was sad, but good part was lunch at Wendy's with Grandparents, O likes the sale barn, period! And some cash in the bank.
*Garrett had a his first ball game on Thursday night and got a hit!
*Went shopping on Thursday
*Garage Sale Saturday-made some cash
*BBQ w/friends Sat. night.  (did take my camera, but didn't take a single pic, I don't think the kids would have sat still for more than 2 seconds anyway)
*Grandma Chase celebrated 95 years yesterday and had a bday party at the park tonight.
* Signed kids up for summer reading program.  (I sort of have selfish reasons behind this, I really ENJOY quiet moments in the afternoon, so I make the kids read for 30 minutes and sometimes more if I want a quick cat nap, I know, I know selfish,)

This week:
Agenda for Week 2- I promise to do better and take more pics.
Monday-Fishing and maybe visiting some cemeteries
Tuesday-Maddie's first ball game
Wed-One year check up w/ENT for O's tubes.
Thursday-G & M both have games
Friday-Maybe a trip to KC for the weekend to celebrate nephew's bday!

Week-3 VBS & Ball Games -Enough said!