Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lunch Update & other going on's

In case anyone was wondering-Maddie didn't have to sit by the boys today again, because some other kids brought lunches, which in turn left a space on the end of table which was across from GIRLS! Forgot to ask Garrett about his lunch today. Both G & M had full days and are totally exhausted. Maddie was a little grumpy as well.

Owen is continuing down the potty training path. Actually it hasn't been too bad. A good thing we live in the country. Peeing on trees and off the back steps works wonders. Tonight Maddie and I got a good chuckle out of Owen. He went #2 in his Thomas underwear, so I rinsed out the underwear in the toilet (while gagging-I HATE poop and I have been known to throw underwear away if they are too bad.) So I set Owen on the pot to see if he had to go anymore and the whole time he was saying "Eeeeeeeewwwwwwieeeeeeee, eeeeeewwwwieeee" and trying to hop off the toilet. He was PETRIFIED of the poop in the toilet. I know it doesn't really sound funny, but it really was. Next time I will try and have my camera and see if I can't get a quick video.

Sorry I don't have any pics to post. I tried so hard last night to get some shots of the storm that went by our house and left NO rain, not even a sprinkle, but I can't figure my camera out. I tried messing w/the lens settings. It really shouldn't have been that hard as it was lightning every 10 seconds, but all I ended up w/was black shots w/H & M's little white yard light. I will try and work on that.

Garrett started soccer practice tonight, Maddie has hers on Monday night. Soon Brent will be refereeing football. Things are forever going to start picking up!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Update

Things have been going real well on the school front. Garrett has come home the last 2 days feeling pretty good and saying that things have gone well. Apparently all the Longford boys ate lunch together, which is nice and didn't really expect anything different, but hopefully as things start to get into a routine and start going full days which is tomorrow, all will start mingling a little more. Those boys in that class are pretty tight, they probably looked like a mafia! Maddison was excited because yesterday and today she took her lunch to school, which apparently means a different seating arrangement..aka gets to sit w/girls. Tomorrow she wants to take the school lunch, guess she'll be eating w/boys. (don't ask me how/why the seating is different, she just tells me "it is" ) Thanks to all who prayed for this easy transition. I pray it keeps up!

Monday, August 17, 2009

First day of School 2009

Big changes came our way on this first day of school in 2009. Our Longford School closed last spring so we made the decision to go to Clay Center this year. Tough decision all around. Last Friday we went and saw G & M's classrooms and met teachers. Garrett had a tough time. He DOES NOT LIKE CHANGE. I mean he really doesn't like it. It goes as far as getting a different vehicle, what kid wouldn't like a new car? NOT MINE. That is how much he doesn't like change. We initially thought there were no students from Longford in his class, but there is one, so that helped today. Needless to say when we found out on Friday that his best friends weren't in his class, new school, new teacher, new year, that combo is lethal. Weekend was touch and go, but this morning he seemed to be doing it ok. Garrett got off the bus this this afternoon saying, "this is the worst first day of school EVERY" What in the world happened? He gave me about 3 lame excuses. Sounds to me like he had a pretty good day. I think he was trying to making a point, that he WASN'T going to have fun and I didn't fall for it. Not said another word since 2pm. Maddie has her best friend in class and she apparently got along fine today. The only thing that she said was, "she had to sit between 2 boys and across from 2 boys at lunch today!!!" I said oh, what did you say to them? Her reply, "NOTHING, I didn't say one word ALL of lunch"...oh, the joys of sharing lunch w/the opposite sex! Bus picking up kids for the first time EVER. We've always had to meet the bus. It looks dark, but really its not, just stormy and rainy today.
Maddison, Owen & Garrett
Maddison and Garrett
Maddie 2009-2010
Garrett 2009-2010

Pikes Peak-CO

On the last day of our vacation we went up Pikes Peak and spent most of the day there. It was great. Whether on top was 30 degrees and pretty windy. They said the windchill was 15 below, but I don't think it was THAT cold. We took our time going up and spent sometime on top. We had their famous donuts. Quite tasty despite that grease dripping off of them. Definately more like a cake donut and had cinnamon and sugar spice to it. We took our time coming back down and stopped at Crystal Lake to have a picnic lunch. After lunch we went hiking. That hike was the quietest our kids were the whole vacation. Everytime we would go hiking they would talk so LOUD and jump. At that rate we were never going to see any wildlife. We still didn't this hike, but I thought our chances were WAY better. Crystal Lake

Top of Pikes Peak-was a little overcast
Brent and kids hanging out

Family at highest point!

Going down
Some shots from our hike

This concludes our vacation. Hope you enjoyed it. I know you really probably don't care ALL that much, but I did this partly because if I don't, I will forget!