Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jump Rope

My friend Julie sent me this link about a group of girls jumping rope. I am expecting some little competion on the playground. I was DEAD WRONG! If every gym teacher/parent could get their kids to do even an 1/16 of what these girls do I don't think we would have an obestity problem in the world...These girls are in WAY better shape than an average person. They aren't even breathing hard!..

Check it out...http://soonereyo.blip.tv/#1762059


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pack Mule

Sunday's are always a little hurried. It really doesn't seem to matter how early I get up we always seem to be rushed. We think we are doing good on time until someone thinks they need to shower AGAIN. Or Maddie and I fight about the outfit (ugh..SERIOUSLY, kindergarten and 6, hate to think what 16 is going to be like!) or I don't have anything to wear! This morning was good, because it was just Brent and I, the kids stayed at my parents. But when we came home from church it was 12:30, no one had eaten lunch, Owen fell asleep on the way home (so there goes everyone laying down at same time for a nap), kids had overnight bags, bibles, ss papers, children's church crafts, shoes, coats, purses, diaper bag, coffee cups, kleenex's. I got out of the van and got Owen up to his crib and went back out to the van to help carry things and Garrett stops me and says...
"EVERYONE WANTS ME TO CARRY EVERYTHING, I AM NOT A PACK MULE!!! I CAN'T CARRY EVERYTHING!" That may not be funny to everyone, but I busted out laughing. Maybe it was his dramatics or both, but I thought too cute not to share.

I don't know I am thinking that the van makes a pretty good pack mule, the "stow and go" is pretty cool too!