Saturday, October 4, 2008

Football Saturday

Garrett had his 4th Flag football game this Saturday morning. Unfortunately they lost. The other team was pretty good, but the upside is Garrett scored a touchdown today. We have been lucky that every game so far has been nice and sunny, today a little windy, but atleast it wasn't cold and wet. We are half way through the season. This was a quick pass and touchdown run! (notice he doesn't quite have the "tuck and run" thing down quite yet, but we are making progress. Oh, and he did have a thumb "injury" that was hindering him a bit. Garrett's quote of the day, "I can't even hold a pencil, CAN YOU IMAGINE how it would feel to CATCH a FOOTBALL!!!"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Wed am Owen and I went to playgroup for only the 2nd time. He was much more enjoyable this time than last. He loves to ride in the plastic cars. I say ride, but he really just sits and turns the steering wheel. He likes to take the key out and then wants me to stick it back in. Just so you all know that gets OLD really fast.. Then I met Shanna for a quick chat and walk. Brent got off work early today so he went w/me to Manhattan. Owen had a dr's appt at 2:15. So before that we hit walmart, walgreens, and home depot. It is amazing to me how fast you can be in and out of walmart w/another adult to help out. Owen does have an ear infection so we are set up for 10 days of antibiotics. I hope I can remember for 10 days. Brent got the upstairs shower faucet switched out. And the downstairs shower he finished last night. So back to 2 working bathrooms and there should be no leaks for years and years. One can only hope.

Tuesday-soccer night.

I told you it might be every once in a while that I would update and I was true to my word. On Tuesday night Maddison had a soccer game. She is really enjoying it. She is one of the older ones on her team so that makes the majority of team 4-5 year olds. This has taught her and myself a little more patience as some don't really know what is going on. So between me yelling at the kids to kick the ball "the other way" and "please get your head out of the net, your not the goalie" Maddison has done very well. She has only managed to hurt two kids, one she kicked the ball right in his face and the other was throwing the ball in and hit someone in the arm. She does feel bad and apologizes right away. Brent says, "no need to apologize that's part of the game" Garrett is pretty funny to watch also as he gets a little excited when Maddison scores. I enjoy hearing him say, "that's my sister". Although if you ask him..."her games are so boring". He doesn't have to worry about him being bored much longer she only has 1 game left, maybe 2 if we make up a game that got canceled due to rain.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I finally did it....

Greetings from the 5 C's...

So because I don't have a face book or my space account I don't get to keep in touch very often with my friends and family..thus this blog. I can't promise how often I will update or if anyone will even read, but at least it might be something to keep some up to date.

We have had a fairly uneventful day until Brent came home. We have had to tear our shower out because the shower faucet was leaking and dripping into Maddison's "new room" downstairs. Yes, the one we just did exactly 1 year ago to make room for Owen. So now her nice white ceiling has some water marks. We hope the damage is not severe, but we don't have a shower in our bathroom. Been interesting going back to one shower, but hey we at least have a shower that works. Anyway...while Brent was working on the plumbing, I was helping hold some pipes and Owen was watching. But apparently while we were busy, Owen licked some pipe dope. His mouth was all white and sticky. We immediately read the label and it doesn't say anything about being toxic. It does say if you have a skin reaction to contact a Dr. So we wiped out his mouth and he seems fine. A little mischievous if you ask me. Boy is Owen so different from the other kids. I think he will give us a run for our money. Here are some pics of our quick vacation to Minnesota for my cousins wedding over Labor Day. We had a good time and the kids were great for the long car ride. Hope you enjoy reading about the everyday life of the 5 C's.