Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cool Dude!

For Christmas this year Maddison earned "money" at school for different things. Good grades, quietly working, etc. On the Monday before the Christmas Break parents and staff donated gently used items. Candles, happy meal toys, home decor. It honestly looked like a pretty nice garage sale! She bought things for everyone in the family. Owen got sunglasses.. I tried to get him to smile w/them on, but he was about ready to fall over from being tired. I am hoping to get some more shots of him soon. He wore them for a long time during present time! Pretty cute huh.

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Challenge Gift

The last couple of years my mom has done a "challenge" gift for the kids. She wraps a small gift up. But not just with wrapping paper. I think last year she used rubber bands..hundreds around a box. This year both kids had gifts wrapped in yarn and duct tape. It took them a good 10 minutes to open and another ten minutes to wind up all the yarn again. Maddison got a bottle of Bath and Body -body spray and Garrett got adult sauve shampoo-why? Garrett is "too old for kid shampoo and plus this shampoo just makes his hair feel sooo much softer and smoother". Think he watches too many commercials?

Christmas Eve before the Longford Church Program!
Our family present from Santa this year was a Wii, so this is Garrett and Maddie showing their remotes off. We got the Wii Fit too and really enjoying that. We are now officially owners of an electronic game. Other than our computer we have no playstations, no xboxs, no psp's, no nitendo's or nintend ds's. There might be more out there, but we have no idea. Kids were pretty excited! As well as this mom!

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Winter Snow

Here are some pics of the kids on the very first measurable snow. It sure was cold though and couldn't stay out for real long. Owen didn't think it was necessary to wear gloves. He can't stand things over his hands. Its actually quite funny to see his reaction, but not good when its 10 degrees outside
Garrett and Maddison having a snowball fight. If you look close you can see the snowball that hit Maddie square in the face. She was hot to trot after she quit crying. Usually she doesn't cry, but it was cold and snow went down her back. She tried to get Garrett back but he was laughing so hard and running too fast for her to catch him. I am thinking later she got him back somehow!

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My apologies for the lack of updates this past week. So here we go....
Carter, Maddison, Kael & Owen waiting patiently for Garrett to hand out presents.
The Rundquist side. Our three Kael, Grady and Carter. Maddison is still the only girl (on this side)
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