Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Hunting

My parents have a big garden. With a good amount of rain this summer they had a very nice pumpking patch. The pumpkins were HUGE. Friday night the kids and I (Brent was officiating) went an hung out w/them. After a quick fishing trip we built a bonfire and waited for my mom to get home from work. After she arrived home the kids got to pick out their pumpkins.
Maddie and her pumpkin (so big she can sit on it)
Garrett's pumpkin.
Owen sitting on his pumpkin.
After roasting hotdogs and marshmellows I stuck Owen in the tub and the kids carved a pumpkin that had one good side. The other side wasn't terrible, but it just didn't make the "decorating cut" . Instead it made the "carving cut". Garrett and Maddie drew out the face and my dad carved it.

Finished Product
Owen is SCARED TO DEATH of this. We brought this pumpkin home and had it waiting for Brent when he got home! Thanks mom and dad for a really fun night.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ear Infection Update

Well...O's ear seems to be doing better, but still not looking so pretty. Still draining and his rash has now in places spread and scrabbing over. He looks kinda rough, but acting fine. Just thought I would share in case any of you were wondering...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ear Infection

Good News: The tubes are working, its draining.
Bad News: This is what my baby looks like after waking up this am. Very red, swollen, and inflamed ear from the drainage.
Good News: We have drops for the next 7 days.
Bad News: The drops were WAAAAAAAAAY expensive and my friend informed me she has 2 bottles of the very same med. that she got for free from her dr. Sigh
Good News: Owen has met his prescription deductible until Sept 2010
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bass Pro

While in KC on the way home we stopped at the somewhat new Bass Pro Shop. The kids had been there w/my parents but Brent and I had never been there. Wow was the entrance impressive. I was too enthralled w/it that I forgot to take pics. We walked around. Brent and Owen tried on hats while the kids and I tried to find some "logish" artwork, no such luck, but found a lot of furniture that would have looked really cool, but came home w/none.

Owen trying on warm hats. This was taken about 2 minutes before he had a meltdown as we had pushed nap time a little to far back. We hit the road soon after.
Kids in front of fireplace at entrance.

Trip to KC

On Sat. afternoon my famiily and I took off and headed to KC to meet this little gal...Morgan
Garrett & Morgan
Maddie and Morgan
Owen wasn't real interested. He said Baby, Baby and then would jump off the couch and run around.
Meet Big Brother Mark Jr. Jr aka Grady and Big Brother Mark Jr. aka Kael and Morgan -
We decided not impose on our gracious hosts anymore and splurged and stayed in a hotel. It was ok. The pool was on the cool side, but hot tub was nice. Brent doesn't like to swim and w/the pool being cold he refused to get in the pool so I had to get in w/owen. While in the pool I cut 2 of my toes on the grate in the bottom of the pool. Man does it still hurt. I have no idea how that happend. Breakfast was ok. But couldn't eat when we wanted because there was a bb team eating and then after they were done just sat in the breakfast area sitting at the 6 tables. It was little annoying that they couldn't sit somewhere else. We could have tried to eat but w/3 kids there was no way we could load up the breakfast and take back up to room. So we waited about and hour and went back down and could eat. The beds were comfortable, but not sure the bathroom had been cleaned all the way. But by 10pm, we decided we could handle it and not try and change rooms. Despite all that we had a good time. Apparently I am a little old fashioned and think that w/the price we payed for a room that we could get a little better room. Overall it was like I said ok. Neither great nor terrrible! Just thankful that we were able to get away. I don't know what it is when we go to a motel that my children just think its a free for all. We were on the 2nd floor and Owen decided that jumping like a frog was a great idea. As luck would have it, we were checking out of rm 217 at the same time rm 117 was checking out. We humbly apologized for the leap frog. The couple was very gracious and said they had 3 children (they were all grown) and we should have no worries!