Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nice Weather

Some pictures of owen enjoying our wonderful weather this week. He had fun watering trees and stayed pretty dry. The hose kept him pretty entertained.

I wasn't sure he would actually chew on the stick but he did. He was actually laughing at me when I was making funny faces at him to show him how yucky it was. What a typical BOY!
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Day #3

I thought I would update everyone on the Pacifier thing. Things are steadily progressing. But still hard. Naptimes are hard and last night he woke up once and cried for awhile. I tune out the crying a lot easier than Brent does, but he survived as well. When I put him down for a nap this afternoon I noticed that he held the "cut" pacifier in his hand a little longer than normal so maybe he is getting the point that he doesn't really need the thing after all. Hopefully like Katie said we are on the downhill slide. We shall see how tonight goes. Brent, Maddie and our friend Marc and daughter Reaghan went to a bday party this afternoon to a classmate of Reaghan and Maddie. So Garrett had his friend Holden over tonight and Owen and the 2 older boys are playing so good. Tomorrow morning we get the privledge of going to our nephew Karson's dedication. Hopefully will have some pictures to post. Oh and we also had a little rain this evening finally, but need so much more. Things are so dry here.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sorta Chicken' Out

Some would say we fully chickened out...I am saying we partially did. After listening to Owen scream for 30 minutes (which all in all isn't that long) we decided to cut a slit into the LAST pacifier. Not actually cut a " off the tip" THat worked well. So thinking that we will keep it like that for a few days and make the slit bigger and/or start cutting the tip off.

Why or why didn't I get rid of it at a LONG time ago. Its 4 times harder now.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can we be pacifier free?

Lord help us we are getting rid of the pacifier tonight! But its time. I am tired of making sure we have it whenever we go anywhere or do anything. Owen goes to bed w/out a blink, cry or fuss w/the pacifier. Not the case this evening. We tried cutting the tip off, but that did NO good. So we shall see how soon morning comes! Everyone sleep tight!