Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a day........

I have to say that sometimes I think I bite off more than I can chew and lately my bite is pretty big. I will have to say as well that things might not be so bad if I wouldn't let them get that bad to begin with. All summer long I anticipated fall and fall cleaning. I kept saying to myself over and over "when fall comes, when fall comes". Anyone ever said those words? Well, fall is here and I haven't gotten nearly anything on my "list" accomplished. In Sept. I started begging Brent to take a day off from work to help me to do some major cleaning projects. Like wiping down the walls in main room. The logs seem to collect dust on the tops of them. I can't reach all the way up w/just my vacuum or even a broom. I need a ladder and extensions for my dusting wand etc.. You get the picture. The ceiling fans in ALL rooms are gross, dust, cobwebs, screens, curtains. Again you get the picture. But the ONE thing that I really wanted done was having the carpet cleaned. My family, not excluding myself, like to eat and drink in the living room. I haven't always been real diligent in making them eat at the bar or table. Brent said he would help, but just couldn't get off right now, fb season, etc. So last night I told him to bring the steam cleaner home from the grocery store and I would just go at it. Long story short the carpet does look better but still not quite as good as I would like. The carpet takes a LONG time to dry. I finished last night around 9pm. This morning the carpet was pretty dry but still not complete especially in the spots that I went over and over and over some more. Brent got up this morning and after looking at the carpets concluded that maybe I should go over them a few more times and maybe hit the indoor/outdoor carpet in the mudroom. What???? I thought I was done, but I did it. This time Owen had to entertain himself. While in the mudroom he found the candy and ate one if not more Reese's peanut butter cups (at least he picked the good stuff right?). So got him cleaned up and headed into town for quick trip to town. Took everything back and came home. While unloading the van Owen was playing outside. In and around the garage. I took a load of groceries in and came back out to grab the last load. Took off my shoes because carpet is still wet and head to basement, but decided I better go out and get Owen because he tends to wander around. First step into the garage I just knew he was doing something he shouldn't. And this mother's intuition was right. He was elbows up in motor oil from Brent's pickup that he changed on SUNDAY!!!!!! I was HOT. I was mad at Owen, Brent, the whole trip to town, the carpets etc.. Poor Owen had to be hosed off in the yard. The coat , pants and shirt are on the second 2 hour cycle in the washer. He didn't exactly have old clothes on. Hope everything comes out. But my hopes are dimming. We eat lunch and then I head to basement to finish putting some groceries away and to turn off the tv. From the basement I hear the blood curdling scream and run upstairs. He is walking from the mudroom holding his fingers. Yes he managed to stick his fingers in the fan that I was using to help speed along the drying carpet process. Ugh...are you kidding? And yes he is bleeding too. So get him cleaned up and calmed down and put him to bed for a nap. Brent and I are headed on a "date" tonight to watch Clay Center FB play their last district game. Brent didn't have to ref tonight so we are headed out of town. I hope everything goes well for Brent's parents who have graciously agreed to watch the kids. Hope you all have a great and safe Halloween weekend and will try to get pics up from our Weekend. Oh yeah the rock is doneon our front porch. We still have to grout this weekend and then I will take pics. I actually like the way it looks. Maybe I will try some on the back porch....Can you say big bite? Oh and I still didn't get the ceiling fans or cobwebs or the walls done yet. Maybe spring!! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The new little guy....

Karson - Our new nephew. I think he is a keeper! Everyone got a chance to hold him and things I think are going good. Mom and baby came home yesterday afternoon. But haven't talked to them today, so I hope things are still good.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm an Aunt again......

I just got the news that Brent and I are uncle and aunt again. Brent's brother Rex and wife Lori had their 3rd boy this morning at 10am. Karson Lowell Craig weighed 6.14 and 19 in. long. Labor went fast. She was induced at 7am this morning. Mother and Baby are fine. We see the little guy this afternoon. Hopefully will have pics soon. Keegan and Kolby will be excited I'm sure. Maddison was disappointed w/another boy, but I am sure will get over it once she can hold him, plus she has Boston! Garrett chalked another one up for the boys. I called them this morning at school to tell them and of course Garrett wanted to tell Maddison right away. I told him that he needed to go right back to class and leave her alone. We shall see this afternoon how much was said, because I am sure Maddison will be keeping track. Have a great day.