Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Mornings

On Saturday Mornings if we don't have to be anywhere pressing to be I try to make something different for breakfast.  The usually eat ceral on average 6 times a week.  I had come across this receipe:
Brown Sugar Biscuits from Money Saving Mom.  Looked fairly easy and good. 
I didn't take pics of the mixing...these are what they looked like before baking. 
I would recommend a few tips:  make sure you flour, flour, flour your surface..I didn't, and they stuck to my counter, not enough that I couldn't handle, but a little stickier and of course not as "perfect" looking. 

They take about 12 minutes...Kids did this while waiting
It's called zoning/vegging infront of cartoons!

Ta DA!  Finished product...
Yep...I told you they didn't look perfect.  Another tip.  Roll a lot more tightly than I did.  I think that would have been easier had the dough not been as sticky.  Also I used all butter instead of the crisco/butter mix.  I think the butter tends to make them a little more runny and flater (atleast for me they do, I notice that in cookies)
Breakfast...yummy.  These were really good. They do taste a lot more like a biscuit than cinnamon roll. (hince: the title of receipe, but i still thought maybe it would be like cinnamon roll(ie), but their not)  Maddie thought they needed more brown sugar...I would concur.  But whole process only took about 30-40 minutes, so I would say its a keeper. 
PS-G thought it was silly to smile while eating...I told him it was better than frowning and explaining to my HUGE list of followers what his problem was! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heart Sister Banquet

On Sunday our church was hosting our annual Heart Sister Banquet.  I had the honor of helping with it along w/3 other great gals.  I thought Evie did a fantastic job on table decor that I thought I would share.

Yes...we (I) did paper plates as I didn't want to be in the kitchen all night doing dishes.  We had lasagna, bread, cookies, cherry dump cake, chocolate chip peanut butter torte, and then each lady brought some type of salad.  A lady from Manhattan was going to come and talk about quilts, but because of the weather she had to cancel.  So we just socialized...It was so much fun. 

Next year it was decided that we would still have a banquet, but try doing something different called a Purse Ministry.  We are going to try and do this twice a year.  I think in June we might fill diaper bags/big Purses with essential baby items and take them to various shelters and pregnancy centers.  Then in February have another banquet and fill purses to take to shelters that deal a lot w/battered women and families.  Thinking we will fill these purses with things that women so often forget when leaving an abusive circumstance.  I think it will be fun and what lady doesn't like a new purse?