Friday, December 3, 2010

KC Chiefs

In November we went to a KC Chiefs game.  Took the whole family.  It was a first for Maddison and Owen.  The weather was really very nice for November and we didn't have to wear hats and gloves and blankets during the game.  The first shot is arrival at the stadium.  All did well except Owen wanted to go into the game at 8:30.  Guess he's not much for tailgating.
Garrett and friends getting ready to play footbal in the parking lot
Some moms brought face paint


More boys with face paint

Maddison's face paint

The whole "football team" tailgating before the game

Opening ceremonies of the game.  Owen looked high and low all game for KC Wolf.  He doesn't really make too many appearances.

Game time

PS-sorry about text and pics-blogger and I are having issues and now its deleting images..grrrr
Oh-no phone call yet from dr.  calling this am.  can't stand it anymore

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Have stuff to post, but not taken the time to do so...I PROMISE I will get better...

I do have a BIG prayer request...Go for another set of x-rays on Monday please pray that I'll get the ok to FINALLY start physical therapy... Patience is not a virtue for me...God is Good and he is in control..pray I remember that!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What we've been up to.

My favorite time of year is upon least favorite holiday is in 11 days, yuuuuucccckkkk..  All I know is O is going to be a cowboy and the other 2 could be wearing paper sacks...

ok enough of Halloween.  We have been doing a little of this and a little of that this is a quick rundown..

Soccer 2010
The last 8 weeks have been spent doing this on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Last games wrapped up this week.  Garrett and Maddison both did a great job and each scored several goals..ALL of which I failed to catch on camera.  

Watched KSU play NU and KU....KU was the MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, better game to watch on TV.

Made it to KC to see this little gal (our niece Morgan) celebrate her 1st bday!

Went swimming

 Stayed in a hotel...this is what happens when you are too cheap to spring for a cot and no one will sleep on the floor...
 Took in God's beauty of fall-and man made -see the deer stand.

Watching my family do all the work..they are there can you see them?  Have a hurt back lets you out of doing this chore!  (blogger won't take my cropped pic)
 Did a little dirt work

Went on a nature walk.

And each new day...we do it all over again

Friday, October 1, 2010

6 screws and 2 pins

My kids got a kick out of this and thought you might too...These are after pictures that were taken today.  We didn't get any before pics.  It was 35 dollars (and you know how my hubby feels about "crap" like this) to have OUR medical records released to us from Wesley.  You would think after the amount we payed them, they could throw that in...Heck a hotel atleast gives you breakfast and/or coffee for 80 bucks!

Anyway...they aren't too gross...
I have no idea of the angles these were taken at. 

The part with the biggest gap is the L-1.  The one I broke.  It's hard to see a difference with out the before and after.  I am hoping we can get some type of pics.  We will probably just bite the bullet and do it. 

Where it is hallow is where he cleaned out everything in between the vertabrae's. 

Post Op Appt. #1

My prayers have been answered.  For all that prayed for me these last 10 weeks, thank you is NOT near enough.  I could not have done this on my own.

We did NOT see the surgeon instead his PA.  She was nice and I can't say I'm real surprised by this, since she was the one we saw the last 3 days at the hospital.  I was released from wearing the brace.  That was my biggest worry.  Not because I was feeling bad, but just not healed enough to get rid of it.  She said everything looked really good. 

I am still limited in my lifting, still 15 pounds, and occasionly up to 20 pounds.  I can NOT run.  I can still walk and do my recumbant bike that I have but to manage all according to my pain level.  I will repeat xrays in 2 months.  Those will actually just be mailed to them and after review will do a telephone update and go from there.  If all goes well and I keep on this same progress its looking like maybe starting physical therapy in December. 

So for now its no brace and starting back to the daily routine stuff.  We started talking about house cleaning and Brent and started joking about it and then we never let the dr finish telling me what was ok and not ok.  I secretly think that was Brent's plan all along!!!  I'm thinking that as long as I handle all in a slow and easy going process I should be able to stay on track.

The natural curve of my spine around the L-1 looks real good on the xrays and the dr really did a good job of trying to keep that as normal as possible.  I think I should be able to retain almost all range of motion, but that will be later down the line.

Again, thank you for all your prayers.  Please continue to pray for my recovery and my PATIENCE.  I do not want to do anything that will set me back.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Less than 24 hours

I'm less than 24 hours away from finding out what my next step is in my LONG recovery of a burst fracture in my L-1 (doesn't that sound more official than "I broke my back".  )

Time has flown by, but has seemed to come to a skidding stop the closer I get to this appointment.  I'm nervous, anxiety-filled..A lot of "what if's" are running through my head today. 

I SOOO want to be done or atleast ready to move on to the next thing.  What I CAN NOT handle or DO NOT want to hear, is that I've "even(ed) out" and still need to wear the brace for 4+ weeks or longer.  10 weeks has been a long time. 

I feel good.  I really do.  I mean I still have soreness and muscle spasms everyday, but NOTHING like the first 4-5 weeks. 

Please Pray for me and my family tomorrow.  I'm ready to find answers and to know exactly what I need to be doing and where I should be. 

You all have been so AMAZING.  Prayers have been answered and I know this is all GOD"S Plan for me, but wow is it hard to trust right now.  THANK YOU ALL-

PS-If you see an orange glow south of town tomorrow night I am having a BURN PARTY or  Security will be dragging me out of dr's office Kicking and screaming.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sale Barn Day

Owen sold his calf today...this was right when he woke up this am.  Excuse the ants in pants, hands in pants, tongue sticking out, and the messy background.. He was just a little excited.

Waiting to go to Sale Barn
Climbing the gate

PS-His notebook to keep track of the steers and heifers he sold/bought  is tucked under his hat and his phone and pen were right inside the back door all ready to go.

Maddison is 8

Maddison turned 8 on Monday.  We had our family bday party over the weekend.

.Maddison's Cake (last one until June 2011!)
This cake was acutally pretty easy and it was the first time I worked w/fondit.  It was pretty easy actually.
The topper is a wooden M from Hobby Lobby that we spray painted white and then dipped in glitter
Topper Sprigs were from Hobby Lobby 50% off (i actually bought too many because we couldn't decide and then I was going to return the ones we didn't use.  well..maddie wanted all so the "leftovers are now in her room waiting for just the right vase to be put in)
Opening presents...clothes, clothes, boots, shoes, cd's, and a coat, plus some cash..

I know the men and boys were BORED to death if Maddie opened yet another box of apparel

Just an FYI out there for ya.  When you purchase gifts for your children, make sure its not something Santa Claus tried to give last year, but was too small.  Atleast this time the size was right...
Sigh..don't even ask

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Must Read

My sidebar has P31 devotions..Today's post is a must read for every man, women and child (in my opinion)...

or click here P31 9-16-10

Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day

Over Labor Day weekend we had a family weekend.

Owen and "Peanut Butter" or Callie" or some other name I can't remember...
Hot dog roast complete w/smores after fishing. 
Uncle Mark helping the kids..
Going Fishing

Little Miss Morgan

Now for your viewing pleasure...


Aunt Katie and Cousin Carter....
2 of my 3 cowboys...
(G was on the church float and of course he was on opposite side of road)

City Folk
(JK-Mark and Heather)

Maddison wanted to mutton bust we said no...
go ride a bull instead and she DID.

Monday, August 23, 2010

For the First time....

Lucky went to the lake and so did the rest of the family..Lucky loved the water and for a puppy, thought he was very well behaved....
and for the first time since the accident I felt NORMAL.  Even if only for a couple of hours.  Some friends said they were going to the lake and wanted to know if we wanted to go.  Brent and I debated, but we decided to try it out.  We only live 12 miles away if it didn't work out we could always come home.  But it did work and felt good.  I sat in a lounge chair in the water and the kids played and I had some much needed social time.

It felt so good to be out and about.  Thank you friends for the invite and giving us a since of normalcy.  Hoping for more of that soon!

On a side note...I'm really disappointed to learn that my neurosurgeon has changed his schedule and my Sept 15 post op appt has been changed to Oct 1st... That will be exactly 10 weeks since I put the brace on.  The only way to get in sooner is if someone cancels.  Hoping for a sooner date, but maybe more time in the brace means a better chance of being rid of it for good instead of going in too soon and having to wear it longer. 

But I have decided that even though I'm not that crafty, I'm dressing this brace up.  Some embelishments and ribbon of some sort...Now to decide on colors.  Hoping Hobby Lobby will give me some inspiration.  Anyone have a bedazzler I could borrow???