Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update from Camp

My boy LOVES me....G gave me a BIG hug when I picked him up this morning. The camp had a "closing" with music and then each cabin w/counselors put on a skit. Pretty good. Short and sweet and on our way home by 10am! He's glad to be home. All he wanted to do was take a shower in a REAL shower! oh and of course watch tv, movies and play computer. Already had to tell him to shut the tube off and computer time is done. Guess back to our old ways, but none the less he's home! Oh and last night G's ball team beat the undefeated team and took first place in the tourney! He was excited to hear that, but was actually sad that he missed it. (maybe there's hope yet!)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello Mother, Hello Father

On Monday I sent my oldest off to church camp! Ok so its not like he went hours away, try like 45 minutes, and its only from Monday afternoon until Thursday morning, BUT STILL. I was really worried and a little scared. I know, I know, I'm not sending him cross country or to another country, BUT STILL its CAMP. So I knew I would be teary-eyed when we gave him a hug and he would beg us not to leave him. He would change his mind, we would persuade him to stay, promise him frosty's and movies when he got back. NOT . The kid couldn't wait for us to leave him. I'm pretty sure he thought WE were embarassing him! I couldn't believe it. I was actually kinda mad at him, so therefore NO tears were shed. It was more of a sigh and head hanging, looking back, thinking he'd change his mind and give me a quick hug, NOT. No glance back over the shoulder, IN FACT as we headed back to the van to leave, he and another boy were walking w/the counselor and we waved and he ACTED LIKE HE DIDN"T SEE HIS MOTHER WAVING!!!!!!

Garrett- Cabin #6

"Take the picture mother and then can you go?"

Darren, Garrett, Jacob, and Ryan. (Alert group)
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Ball 2009

Garrett and Maddie played ball this summer. Maddison is done and Garrett's team is in the tournament. Garrett's first tourney game was tonight but his AWOL because of church camp. To be honest, not sure he really cared he missed the game. He will be back for last game on Thursday night. Garrett didn't care to much for ball this year. He enjoys the social part, but not so much the game part. Unless things DRASTICALLY change this might be the last year of baseball for awhile until Owen starts. Garrett did really well when he wanted to, but I think Brent and him butted heads one to many times! So we shall see what next year brings. A LOT can happen between now and then. Maddison on the other hand, LOVES it. Always first one outside to practice and will throw the ball in the air and play catch with herself for hours. She wanted to be WAY early to every game so she could have batting practice! Thinking we will be staying with ball for her awhile. Proud of the kiddos and had a good season! After Thursday we should only have church league games on Monday nights!
NOTE: Games have been moved to Wednesday night so G will miss both games. Oh well!

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