Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweet Treasure

Some of you have asked where our kids went while we were in Mexico...our WONDERFUL PARENTS kept the 3 kiddos. G & M stayed w/Brents parents most of the time because of school and having to meet the bus. My mom and dad got O. But on Friday afternoon and Sat. and Sun my mom and dad took all 3 to my brother Mark and his wife Heather's in KC to see them and Kael and Grady. Apparently when they all got there Mark & Heather and family had made a scavenger hunt through the house. Apparently the last clue said something like "finding a sweet treasure" (m&h hope this is right, this is coming from kids). The answer to the clue was all scrambled. Guess what the answer was........drum roll please... "NEW BABY". Brent and I are going to be uncle and aunt again in October. Exciting...

On another note about babies. After we picked up the kids on school on Wednesday we were talking about the trip. Something was brought up about bringing the kids home something and we told the kids to guess what we brought. Garrett pops up right away and says "I of these" and points to Owen!! It was absolutely hilarious. He said it so matter factly and couldn't figure out why Brent and I were laughing. We said no sorry, there will be no more siblings in this Craig family. Thought you might like a good laugh. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Views of pools and Ocean

One of the pools we hung out at.

Another pool

Views of the ocean

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We're Back

We are back and 10 pounds heavier! Mexico was WONDERFUL! We had a fantastic time. Our flights were smooth and on time. The first day didn't end very well however. We went w/two other couples Luke and Lindsay and Matt and Ally. (college friends of Luke's) Matt and Ally's reservation was cancelled between Orbitz and/or the resort. (even though Matt had an email confirmation they day before from Orbitz) After 5 hours on the phone w/Orbitz and talking to "the" manager at the resort Matt and Ally had to take a cab all the way back into Cancun (over a 60 mile trip one way) and spend the first night. Our resort had no rooms open until Monday (the day they left). It was NOT good. On Friday, Orbitz found them a room at a resort down the beach w/in a 5 minute walk on the beach. Wasn't ideal, but atleast they ended up close. We haven't heard what will become of the situation, but I assure you someone, somewhere, somehow will pay for their trip (and more). That being said everything else was great. We really couldn't have been more "vacation-y" if we tried. We ate, slept, and layed on the beach or by the pool. It was nice to get away and have our only worry be when and where we wanted to eat! Our boys were glad to have us home, Maddie said we could have stayed longer and wouldn't have bothered her a bit! She changed her tune though when I said I would keep the tshirt and necklace I brought back for her since she didn't miss us that much!
Our room was the first one to the right of the pool. We just stepped out and could go straight to the beach or the pool. Only problem-sand! Sorry it's a little dark. This was taken close to sunset
Brent and I at lunch.

Valentine's Day Night

View of ocean from our room. Just like the pics on the internet. Although my pictures don't do it justice. Can you feel the sun??

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