Thursday, July 23, 2009

A little getaway

The kids and I are going to be AWOL for a few days. We along w/my mom are going to SD to visit family. The kids REALLY enjoy going and don't really mind the car ride which can vary from 6-8 hours depending on how many times we stop. I'm seriously considering making the kids drink water for supper because if they have pop, Maddison seriously will have to go every 10 minutes. Drives me nuts! I hate to admit it, but I'm not much better however I can go longer than 10. Brent is staying home to work. I think there are enough leftovers to tide him over, however Wendy's does make a mean chicken sandwich. I am hoping that we can still get away for a few days for a quick family vacation before school starts, but not sure when. If anyone knows of someplaces for a quick 3-4 day mini-vacation that kids will enjoy please feel free to share. Or if you just went somewhere those suggestions would be appreciated as well. I am hoping I can post a few things while we are gone, but shall see how much work I want to do. I have some younger cousins who I am banking on to entertain my children for awhile so I can get a break!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Blonde Moment?

First, let me just say, I wasn't sure I was going to post this as I didn't need any more blonde comments, but then I decided I should be able to laugh at myself and really it isn't THAT bad. the story
Ever since we moved I have tried to have a garden, but when you build a house in the middle of a pasture, "garden rich" soil just doesn't appear in the pasture. So for the last 2 years, I have tried to fertilize and weed to get a rich soil. And for the last 2 years I have managed to get things to grow. They start off fine, and even do great mid-way, then everything stunts out. I mean my corn starts getting husks at 2-3 ft and I get mini corn (yes like the appetizer kind, but not edible), I get cherry tomatoes, but they don't turn red. Ok so you get my drift. Well, THIS year my garden actually started out really well, and the good LORD has sent enough rain our way at just the right times, that I've only had to water a couple of times. This year I've tried to grow my normal potatoes, onions, tomotoes, zucchini, lettuce and corn. Plus I bought one strawberry plant and some green beans. Everything looks good minus the weeds (because of the good LORD as well). Actually this years corn looks better than any other than I've ever had. Doing good, green, not dry, good height in spite of the fact I was a couple of weeks late in planting. Last week we had a pretty good rain storm w/a lot of wind that pretty much layed the corn on the ground, grrrrrr. But by the next day perking back up and 3 days later good as new (or so I thought). Usually every other morning I go check it out and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one of my rows was completely eaten in half. I mean the stalks were half eaten.
Stalks eaten off to the ground and 2nd row half eaten in parts.

All I kept thinking was how my dad who is like a master gardner was having a terrible time with racoons. So the next morning went out and my middle row was eaten in parts and the first row was completely eaten to the ground. Brent (who hadn't looked at the corn) suggested a live trap. I was mad and wanted them gone, but didn't want to deal w/a trap so said no.

So on Sunday we had Garrett's bday party and I took my dad out right away to show him and ask him his thoughts. I said " So do I have coons?" He just looked at the corn, then at me and said "No, you have "COWS".

Go ahead and laugh. He did along w/the rest of my family...Never ever thought cows would be to blame. The cows apparently got a taste of the corn when it was laying on the ground from that storm. It must have gone through the fence where they were eating and the row that was eaten was right along the pasture fence. Never, Never, have I had this occur w/my garden. That means one of two things: my garden wasn't even edible for the cows or I've been plain lucky. The 3rd row is done. 2nd row parts my come out of it, 1st row-the row that can't reach is looking fine.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Party #9

Garrett had a really fun birthday party yesterday. Both sides of the family got together and shared snacks, cake and ice cream and presents. All th kids were really good and played so nice together. Some days you just never know, but they ALL did. Even Owen who lately, has a very rough time sharing. Garrett wanted and X-Men cake. Not sure exactly what that/they are, so his cake was rather easy. (I have a TON of blue butter cream frosting left, if anybody needs any). The X was a little tricky to square up, and its decorated w/silver candy shaving things, which were fairly easy to decorate except for when he blew out the candles. Silver shavings blew everywhere too, but again they were easy to clean up.

Garrett by himself w/the cake. Doesn't he look so grown up?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

G-Man is 9

Garrett turned 9 @ 6:14am after a LONG labor. Forceps and suction (excuse my man hands, but if you look close you can still see the red marks from the forceps) But it was SOOOO worth it. He is such an awesome kid w/a good heart. He loves to be social and thinks he's never tired! He likes movies and books and some sports (as in recess games). He had 2 friends over Friday night and we went to the lake. Last night we ate his favorite food-Chinese. We have church this morning and then our family bday party this evening. He's really excited. Thought I would share a few bday pics from years past. I attempted early to do some scrapbooking, so the good pics are used at them, but these are a few maybe more to come later.

One week old

Birthday Party #1-We had DQ make this ice cream cake!

I will post more when I can find the pics (no digital camera 8 years ago)