Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wedding Weekend

My cousin Jill was married this past weekend to Larry.  Our family loves them to pieces. 
 Here is the crew before the wedding. 
Maddison ALWAYS thinks we need to have a funny face picture.  Garrett wasn't so sure. 

Owen dancing in the parking lot while waiting for bride and groom to get done w/receiving line.

Rundquist cousins! 
Maddie is holding Morgan

Grady doing a little jig while waiting for supper!

Jill and Larry. 
This was about the only good shot.  The lights in background were wrecking my perfect picture taking! 
Owen dancing w/the bride and maid of honor!

I should probably mention too, that Garrett caught the garter and Maddison caught the bouquet.  G-flicked the garter to the maid of honor's (cousin Lanelle)boyfriend. Hint, hint Jared! and the maid of honor insisted that Maddie keep the bouquet. 

We had a great time and congrats
Jill and Larry. Wishing you both years of happiness!

Home Improvement Project 100 and something (i've lost count!)

After 6 years here we are finally getting around to finishing some projects.  Well atleast in one way or another.  The spot below has footings poured for our fireplace of our dreams.  But after seeing the cost of our dreams, that has been put on hold indefinately.  Sooo I decided I wanted to get my landscaping done and finally front steps off the front porch along w/sidewalk, plants, bushes, etc.  But what to do w/this spot?   A hot tub would fit perfectly in this spot, BUT it faces the front of our home.  So we decided to extend the deck at an angle and put our front steps off this new deck. In the words of my husband, "its cheaper to do it this way!"...

 We shall see how it comes together....


Brent showing off his muscles mixing quick-crete.  Maddison covering her eyes because she is totally emabarassed by her father (and it was just us there!) is this a sign of what's to come?

Setting posts.
Getting ready to start laying deck boards.  Garrett and Maddison have been such a big help.  Garrett has learned how to use a router, along w/other skills.

Whenever I go out to take pics.. All I see is Brent doing is standing around!

The deck floor is almost all layed.  I would go out and take pics today, but its raining more to come!  Pavers or stamped stained cement for sidewalk?  Any opinions?


Last week one morning I woke up an saw these nice creatures walking down our lane.  The didn't have a care in the world, well atleast they didn't act like it.  These deer are ok to look at as long as they keep going because I don't need them in the garden or eating bark off my ornamental pear trees! This was taken from our back deck. 

This was out the front porch. 
Oh...and just in case you were wondering what/how Lucky Dog reacted.  He didn't have a care in the world either.  He never jumped up, smelled, barked, howled.  In fact he watched them while laying on his belly. 
Some watch dog huh???