Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Thought I would give you a quick glimpse of the pics that did NOT make it into our Christmas Card this year. If only everyone would stop looking at and touching each other! We have had 4 Christmas's and only 3 to go. The 3rd and final is not until Jan. 4 so we get somewhat of a break! The kids have done well and hoping that continues. We shall see what Santa brings tonight???? Travel safely and God Bless!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Owen needs a haircut badly. So last night when he got out of the bath Maddie and I were messing w/his hair. He even has a few curls. Those definately come from the Craig side as the Rundquist's have NO curl, none what-so-ever. Notice the yellow looking bruise in the middle of forehead. Who knows where that came from!
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We had a our first REAL snow yesterday. It was very exciting for our family. Garrett got home last night around 4:30 and wanted to take pics of the snow. So this is looking out our lane to the west. Very peaceful I think.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Chore Guy

Owen loves to go to G&G Craig's to help do chores. He is always looking out the window to see the cows and points continously at cows, horses, pigs, dogs, etc.. out the car window, on tv, or in books. Tonight Brent and I have his work Christmas Party so Owen got to go to G&G's a little early so he could ride in tractor only-way too cold for anything else, and help do chores. Here he is in his carhart overalls (thanks Aunt Lori for letting us borrow these and too Julie for the boots) He was so funny skipping around and pointing at the door.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Breaking News.....

Maddison Jenae lost her 1st tooth on Saturday night in her corn on the cob at Popeye's! She was absolutely hilarious. She was eating away and had made a few comments that the corn was getting hard to eat because of this certain tooth. About 10 minutes later she had this wierd look on her face. And spits the tooth in her hand and hands it to me. There was a little blood, I'm not sure what she thought of that. So there we are in Popeye's (first time we have ever eaten there) and stuffing napkins in her mouth. We managed to get home w/out loosing the tooth. Maddison put her tooth under the pillow and went to bed. She was so tired that she put herself to bed w/out any nagging from us or even wanting us to come tuck her in. Sunday morning I wake her up to go to church. She hops up and to check on the tooth fairy and "gift". What did the tooth fairy leave? ZIPPO, NOTTA, ZIP. The tooth fairy FORGOT!!! Can you believe it. Maddison was like, "What, why is my tooth still here?" "There must be an explanation." I say " Maybe she thought you would wake up" Maddie heads upstairs to eat breakfast and then shower. While she's in the shower the tooth fairy showed up w/a large monetary donation(atleast I think a $1.00 is a lot for a tooth) in her nightstand. Surely it was there before right???? Maddison bought the explanation and I think we are good to go.. Go ahead and say it out loud I know you are all thinking it. What kinda LOSER is this Tooth Fairy that she forgets one of the most important jobs that she has? The tooth fairy has no excuse. Only that she is sorry and lucky that she has such a loving and forgiving child as my daughter Maddison.PS. the tooth fairy has been put on call as tooth number 2 is loose as of tonight.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shop 'till you drop

Contrary to a lot of women, I don't REALLY enjoy shopping. I am not sure if its because I usually go w/children. Whether its one, two, or three. And sometimes its more if I meet friends for a pretzel or cinnamon roll. Things are always rushed as I am worried about nap times being messed with or lunch times or enough snacks to make it through. Anyway....My husband REALLY, REALLY doesn't like shopping. He gets what he needs/wants when he needs/wants it. Doesn't mess around. And when he is looking you are not to rush him. He doesn't care when I do go shopping (for the most part) just as long as he doesn't have to go or be bothered with it. So about 5 years ago my mom and I decided to do some xmas shopping in Topeka. We left early in the morning and came home late afternoon. The second year we decided to leave the night before and spend the night. Shop in the evening and shop all the next day. Then 2 years ago my sister came along. And we have been doing it ever since. Brent says if he has to pay for a night in a hotel so he doesn't have to do ANY xmas shopping it is well worth it!!!! Our trip was Monday evening and all day today. I am writing about this now, because I am way too tired to do anything else. I haven't done much since I got home, but I am EXHAUSTED. We had a great time and hope this tradition continues. It was so nice to go into a store and not have to find the bathroom, carry only MY snacks in my purse and not have to worry about who was climbing under what rack. I managed to get almost done. My goal was to get completely done, but as the day wore on and the crowds got larger we all started loosing interest.

One funny thing that did happen. On Sunday night when I started packing a bag, Garrett and Maddie had asked if I was packing a swimsuit. I said "YES" rather loudly. They started mouthing off about how it wasn't fair about me going swimming or sitting in the hotub. So I bragged Monday and Monday night rubbing it in, but jokingly (probably not very nice, but it was funny to get their reactions )until we got to the hotel to find out that the hot tub was CLOSED! The pool was freezing so we didn't get to RELAX like we thought. This morning as I was checking out I told the lady we were really disappointed about the hot tub and how we were wanting to warm up and relax and lady says, "oh well you should have said something you could have gone across the street to that hotel. They are a sister hotel and we use them and they use us for things like this all the time" HELLO???? The lady last night didn't mention anything. She saw us go into the pool But when the hot tub has a chain around it, no water in it, and a sign that says "out of order". We guessed there wasn't reallly much we could have done. Right? So a word to the wise I guess you should always ask/complain about things that are broken because you might get some perk some way. My kids thought it served me right, because I bragged about it. Once again the Lord has a since of humor! We had a wonderful time and found a few bargains. And yes Brent managed getting the kids to bed and up and ready for school. He was supposed to have Owen ALL day today, but I think he parents bailed him out, again! What wonderful in laws I have! Ok I am going to bed now. I have a big day tomorrow. I now have to put everything away and clean up my house from my ONE day being gone. I hate to see what two days would be like!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree

Looking, Looking, Looking

Finished! (Yes there is a star at the top, sorry)

Every year we get a real Christmas tree. For several years we went to a little old lady in Green who used to have a tree farm. The early years were a little hard to find a tree but still managed to find one, but as the years went on (and she hadn't planted any new ones in years) the pickings were getting a little slim. So last year Brent called around and found some tree, but we didn't go w/to pick out. Which was fine, because Owen was only 6 months old then. Well this year I called around to a few places and Christmas Trees are just plain expensive if you ask me. Saturday morning was yucky to say the least. I was ready to call off Christmas Tree hunting unless we were going to go find a fake one. But my brother in law Rex bailed us out by telling us that he knew of a couple down by Talmage that had started a tree farm several years ago. He couldn't promise us how many trees or what they looked like. We gave it a shot. We bundled up w/boots, hats, gloves, heavy coats and sweated our way to Talmage. It was snowing/raining pretty decent by then. Owen fell asleep on the way. We thought about leaving him in the truck while we looked, but I said no because that would have really messed up afternoon nap time. The couple was very nice and found one right off.For only 20 bucks. Yes we still payed for gas, but the family time was so worth it!!! So here are some pics of our yearly tree find! Kids were excited and Garrett thinks the thing grew on the way home. He complained the whole time that he thought it was too short. But once it was up in the house it was "just the right size".
Tis the Season to be jolly!

First Snow

I took some pics of the first snow we had on Friday. But they didn't really turn out and it wasn't a REAL snow, but still first of the season. It was so pretty and a little exciting. A new sesaon is upon us. I am hoping that all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

On Monday Longford Elementary hosted their last "Thanksgiving Feast". I am glad and sad at the same time. Glad that I don't have to make any more rolls and get things together and wondering if anyone can "taste" the mess ups w/ 15 pans of apple cobbler. But sad as this was probably the final one. The music teacher put a music video together of shots from years past to "I was Born in a Small Town" it was pretty neat. I think there were a few tears. The superintendent then awarded the 07-08 3-5 graders the Govenor's Award for 2nd year in a row. I wonder how many elementary schools in the top 5% of the state are closing? I still pray every night that things will change, but reality is that money plays the most important part in our children's education. Regardless of long bus rides, over crowding classrooms, and space. I pray that all of you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving weekend! Maddison a pilgrim, Garrett an Indian

Couldn't leave Owen out, but didn't take one w/him and the kids before feast so you get a fuzzy attempt at Christmas pics.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cousin Carter

On Monday my nephew Carter came over for the day while Katie went to a conference. Here are some pics and a short clip of their day. Most of you know what Carter and Owen look like, but a lot of my family doesn't get to see them often so this is for you guys. I can' say they did anything COOL, but they were cute. This was before they grew tired of each other. After a couple of hours we had a few episodes (mostly Carter!!!) sorry Katie had to throw that in there. Owen was not w/out fault plenty of times too!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


We had no plans for today. Brent was going to help his parents, I was going to stay home and piddle around and do the things that I had put off all week etc. No big plans. We decided first though that we would go into Clay to an auction. A lady from our church was having the sale. So we told the kids to get ready. You can imagine the amount of complaints we got about how they "just wanted to stay home". I understood, but thinking we really weren't going to be gone THAT long they could handle it, plus I needed a few groceries. So as the kids were getting ready, I heard Maddison say "mom I think I need your help". She comes out and she had managed to get her hair wrapped around a round hair brush that you use to flip your hair under or out. If I have told her once I have told her a thousand times, "that brush isn't made to comb your hair out, please use the regular brush", but she didn't listen and it finally happened. I tried to take pics and video but she was so MAD at me I couldn't get very good ones, but thought I really need to post this to all you moms w/girls feel free to use this as an example. My first thought when this happened to her was the Everybody Loves Raymond show when Deborah got her curling iron caught in her hair and Raymond left her. (classic episode if you haven't seen it)...
You will also see that my sweet little girl wasn't so sweet at this moment. We did manage to get it out w/out cutting it. Brent was here to help and he has more patience for stuff like this than I do. His words were, "I didn't think this could actually happen!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sunday night we went to Grandpa Derald and Grandma Debbies. Brent had to do some welding so he took Garrett and then Maddie, Owen and I came later in the afternoon. Just in time for chores. Owen loves the outside and especially the tractor and cows. It was pretty brisk that evening so everyone is pretty bundled up.

New Find

Last night Brent was in the shed cleaning. This is our once a year throw away things we "thought we could use"..I am afraid more will stay than go, but atleast he is trying. I only go out there if I have to or to get the lawn mower out. Anyway he calls me from the shed asking me to send Maddison out he had found something..4 NEW BABY KITTENS! The video of Owen and Maddison of the new kittens. I can't say I was real thrilled w/the find, yeah their cute and all, but right now we have NO pets and Happy. Go ahead and say it we are the meanest parents in the world and yes there have been a few tears shed over show and tell pet days. We try to tell them they have a "pet" its just in the pasture 10 months out of the year and to take a picture of their cow and new calf, but that doesn't really go over. Why??? Its the same thing isn't? Garrett you will see is absent for the video. He took one look at the kittens and mumbled something and went back upstairs. Please disregard all the junk our mudroom..

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sweet Swap

Katie from Bring on the Lloyds is doing a sweet swap so below is my receipe to add. Go to her blog to check out more receipes.

Cinnamon Rolls

1 1/2 T. Yeast
2 1/2 cups water
1/3 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp salt
5 1/2 to 6 cups flour
1 egg

ICING-1/4 cup melted butter, 1/2 cup milk, 2 to 3 cups powdered sugar, 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla. Should be rather thin

Heat, water, butter, sugar and salt. Add 2 cups flour and yeast. Beat together. Add egg and rest of flour, mix well. But don't over mix. Let rise until double. Knead down, Let rise again. Roll out 1/2 inch thick. Warm 1/2 cup butter and spread on dough. Mix 1 1/2 cups sugar with 1 1/3 T. cinnamon. Put on top of dough and roll up. Cut into 1 in. slices. Put into greased pan and bake at 350 degrees for 20 - 25 minutes Spoon icing over rolls. Serve Warm

**Notes from my experiences....These do take awhile to make but they are so worth it. We keep our house pretty cool in the winter so in order to get my rolls to rise quicker. I heat my oven up to 110 degrees and then shut off and place the dough in the oven to rise. I also have been known to put on my dryer in the laundry room or very close to a vent.
**I have also been able to stretch the receipe to make 2 9x13 disposable pans out of this receipe and the rolls were still very big.
**I also suggest cutting down the butter that goes on the dough as I have had it coming out my roll and makes it hard to stay rolled.
**I don't put quite as much butter in the frosting either.
**I use a bread knife to cut or a very, very sharp knife to cut the slices
**One more quick note...when you are heating your first ingredients and add it to flour and yeast make sure the water mixture isn't so hot that it will kill your yeast. If this happens they won't rise. I think warm to hot on a quick finger test you should be ok. (but I am not a professional baker).

These are Awesome cinnamon rolls. We eat these for snacks, breakfast, and dessert. Again take a little time, but great thing for multi-tasking. These make great gifts too.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Worth it?

I went to Manhattan today to go to the craft fair Buttons N Bows. Let me back up...I took the kids w/me to Manhattan today to go to the craft fair...Yes, I know what you are thinking. Don't remind me. It has been a LONG time since I have had all 3 kids by myself and gone to Manhattan, let alone on a Saturday. There is definately a reason I go during the week at 8:30 in the morning. The kids were actually pretty good at the craft fair considering the amount of people and the fact that strollers aren't allowed in any of the buildings. Plus my mom went w/me there, so I wasn't truly by myself. By the way Brent was going to Hanover for a playoff football game, so our season isn't quite over yet.

Ok so we hit the fair, mall-just to grab a bite to eat and take back a sweater, no other shopping was done, Hobby Lobby. Then my mom went home and I headed off to Walmart and Walgreens. In the car I told G&M if they were good in Walmart and cooperated they could get a pop for the way home AFTER Owen went to sleep. "Sure mom, no Problem" those words spoken from the older two. We pulled into the parking lot at Walmart, I mentally checked going Walgreens off my list as I knew the kids were not going to make it through walmart. Owen had been woken up about 6 times in and out of car, so I really just tried to get neccesities on the list and get out. We go in and things are running smoothly..Maddison told me she had to go potty BEFORE we were at the back of the store - Plus #1.. Found razors on sale -Plus #2 Ran into some old friends Plus #3. Then things started to go South at the toy section. Older two wanted to look at "Christmas Ideas". Owen wanted to sleep. Started for grocery aisles. South #1-Free Samples were for adults only this time. South #2-Owen had little lunch and wanted cheese curls in cart. I opened them and things were soso, until and here is the kicker......Bye, Bye Pacifier!!!!!! I only noticed after Maddison started sucking the cheese flakes off of Owens' fingers--don't even ask about that one!, Owen screamed and I went to plug him up. And no pacifier. So I am trying to play it cool. I am thinking its in the backpack which is buried under groceries. Surely Owen can make it the last 10 minutes or so. After some fussing in line and the other two complaining their feet were going to fall off from all the WALKING they had to do, (go ahead and picture emmy award for their dramatics), we headed to van. But not BEFORE we go grab two cans of pop from vending machine. Which this particular day is when I find out that Walmart does NOT SELL the 25 cent Sam's Choice cans anymore. Either coke or pepsi in a bottle for 1.25. At this point I was like who cares but you are splitting the pop. After a very quick decision on flavor we headed to the van w/one pouting about the pop. It doesn't matter who.....Unload and go to dig through the diaper bag for pacifier and people are honking waiting for my parking space. I don't like confrontation so I back up only to decide we are going back to buy a pacifier, because that was the LAST one we owned and I didn't feel like ridding the pacifier today. I know its time, but Lord not today we drive around and find a parking spot farther away than orginal, unload everyone and off we go in search of a pacifier. We wind and weave our way through aisles, people, displays to the baby section, only to discover they don't have/carry THE pacifier we needed. So plan the aisles starting in the chips. (last known place) avail. I grab a 2 pack of 96 cent pacifiers and a loaf of bread (which I forgot last time) and headed to checkout. Only to find that EVERY lane is 5 people deep w/huge cart fulls. Express and self checkouts were even LONGER. Head to customer service which is worse. I finally went to the jewlery counter and waited less than 5 minutes but seemed forever. Some of you may wonder about the older 2, well, they kept up w/feet attached, but boy they sure thought they were going to fall off for sure. Head back out to van, out the wrong door and ended up walking in the cold far too long than need be. Ok everyone is back in the van....Owen is fit to be tied and screaming his head off. Rip open the pacifiers shove one in his mouth. He looks, gags, and throws it on the floor. No luck, the kid won't take the thing. I've had it. I head home. Owen actually fell asleep soundly and slept the whole way home, until I tried to carry him in. He awakes and doesn't know what to do to comfort himself and so the screaming starts over. The kids unload the van while I try everything I can to get Owen to go back to sleep or just calm down. As a last resort after 45 minutes, I go to his room, pull the crib out from the wall, clear everything out, and partially open the pack n play that stored underneath and prayed. And GOD ALMIGHTY answered. There in the dust bunnies sat a little blue pacifier. I didn't even bother cleaning it off, Owen grabbed it and his head hit the pillow and was out!!! Quick as a switch... Ok so I'm really sure this IS THE LAST ONE! Oh I didn't buy anything at the craft show either in case you wondered! So was it worth it? I suppose. I did truly see a miracle today. Good thing the Lord has a sense of humor!!! Amen. Have a great weekend....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jump, jump, jump

Owen loves the trampoline and last night was pounding at the door to go out. The wind has been blowing here for 3 LONG days and where we live the wind blows hard. I took this video of Owen jumping, you can see how the wind almost knocks him over. He looks pretty cute and innocent but this morning he used my toothbrush to clean the toilet. Mentioned this to Brent ans his response "Are you sure that was the first time?" Does he know something I don't know????


I finally got around to taking some pics of the rock that we have finished. Some may not agree, but we do like how it turned out. I took the pictures last night when it was getting dark so I hope you can see ok. My front porch looks pretty bare, but hopefully come Christmas time I can do a little more.

Some may have not seen the siding that we put on our house either from this spring. Some might not have seen the logs before either, but they are no more. We do like our siding, but still makes us sick to think we had to do something so soon after building. Notice I didn't take real close ups of the rock as don't want to draw attention to our many could've(s), should've(s) and would've(s)!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


We survived Halloween night. It always seems to be rush, rush, rush. This year was no different, but the kids really did well. We managed to hit all the stops. There was some in and out of the car, but then managed to walk several blocks later in the evening. Hope everyone had a great time too.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a day........

I have to say that sometimes I think I bite off more than I can chew and lately my bite is pretty big. I will have to say as well that things might not be so bad if I wouldn't let them get that bad to begin with. All summer long I anticipated fall and fall cleaning. I kept saying to myself over and over "when fall comes, when fall comes". Anyone ever said those words? Well, fall is here and I haven't gotten nearly anything on my "list" accomplished. In Sept. I started begging Brent to take a day off from work to help me to do some major cleaning projects. Like wiping down the walls in main room. The logs seem to collect dust on the tops of them. I can't reach all the way up w/just my vacuum or even a broom. I need a ladder and extensions for my dusting wand etc.. You get the picture. The ceiling fans in ALL rooms are gross, dust, cobwebs, screens, curtains. Again you get the picture. But the ONE thing that I really wanted done was having the carpet cleaned. My family, not excluding myself, like to eat and drink in the living room. I haven't always been real diligent in making them eat at the bar or table. Brent said he would help, but just couldn't get off right now, fb season, etc. So last night I told him to bring the steam cleaner home from the grocery store and I would just go at it. Long story short the carpet does look better but still not quite as good as I would like. The carpet takes a LONG time to dry. I finished last night around 9pm. This morning the carpet was pretty dry but still not complete especially in the spots that I went over and over and over some more. Brent got up this morning and after looking at the carpets concluded that maybe I should go over them a few more times and maybe hit the indoor/outdoor carpet in the mudroom. What???? I thought I was done, but I did it. This time Owen had to entertain himself. While in the mudroom he found the candy and ate one if not more Reese's peanut butter cups (at least he picked the good stuff right?). So got him cleaned up and headed into town for quick trip to town. Took everything back and came home. While unloading the van Owen was playing outside. In and around the garage. I took a load of groceries in and came back out to grab the last load. Took off my shoes because carpet is still wet and head to basement, but decided I better go out and get Owen because he tends to wander around. First step into the garage I just knew he was doing something he shouldn't. And this mother's intuition was right. He was elbows up in motor oil from Brent's pickup that he changed on SUNDAY!!!!!! I was HOT. I was mad at Owen, Brent, the whole trip to town, the carpets etc.. Poor Owen had to be hosed off in the yard. The coat , pants and shirt are on the second 2 hour cycle in the washer. He didn't exactly have old clothes on. Hope everything comes out. But my hopes are dimming. We eat lunch and then I head to basement to finish putting some groceries away and to turn off the tv. From the basement I hear the blood curdling scream and run upstairs. He is walking from the mudroom holding his fingers. Yes he managed to stick his fingers in the fan that I was using to help speed along the drying carpet process. Ugh...are you kidding? And yes he is bleeding too. So get him cleaned up and calmed down and put him to bed for a nap. Brent and I are headed on a "date" tonight to watch Clay Center FB play their last district game. Brent didn't have to ref tonight so we are headed out of town. I hope everything goes well for Brent's parents who have graciously agreed to watch the kids. Hope you all have a great and safe Halloween weekend and will try to get pics up from our Weekend. Oh yeah the rock is doneon our front porch. We still have to grout this weekend and then I will take pics. I actually like the way it looks. Maybe I will try some on the back porch....Can you say big bite? Oh and I still didn't get the ceiling fans or cobwebs or the walls done yet. Maybe spring!! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The new little guy....

Karson - Our new nephew. I think he is a keeper! Everyone got a chance to hold him and things I think are going good. Mom and baby came home yesterday afternoon. But haven't talked to them today, so I hope things are still good.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm an Aunt again......

I just got the news that Brent and I are uncle and aunt again. Brent's brother Rex and wife Lori had their 3rd boy this morning at 10am. Karson Lowell Craig weighed 6.14 and 19 in. long. Labor went fast. She was induced at 7am this morning. Mother and Baby are fine. We see the little guy this afternoon. Hopefully will have pics soon. Keegan and Kolby will be excited I'm sure. Maddison was disappointed w/another boy, but I am sure will get over it once she can hold him, plus she has Boston! Garrett chalked another one up for the boys. I called them this morning at school to tell them and of course Garrett wanted to tell Maddison right away. I told him that he needed to go right back to class and leave her alone. We shall see this afternoon how much was said, because I am sure Maddison will be keeping track. Have a great day.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Scenic Pics

Last Friday morning the kids didn't have school. Garrett grabbed the camera that morning and wanted to take some pics of the the "morning". Thought I would share. Some turned out better than others. We have a new camera and we are all trying to figure it out. All of the following were taken off the front porch to the north and east.

A new friend

This afternoon I was cleaning up around the house and looked out our french doors that go to the back deck and found a new friend. This hawk was just sitting there taking everything in. He looked right at me as I took the first picture and then looked around. I was actually impressed w/my camera and the zoom. I don't think this one was full grown, but all in all I thought he still looked pretty big.

Check out his/her feet. I think they look huge compared to the rest of the body.
(Don't look close at our terrible stain job on the railing. Now I just made you look!)

Did I shave my legs for this??

Today is my anniversary! Yeah! 10 years Brent and I have been in pure marital bliss....ok not ALL the time, but more than not.I thank the Lord every day for my hardworking, devoted husband and dad. I would like to tell you that he took me out to eat, brought me roses, gave me a back rub (without falling asleep), or even a movie, BUT tonight is Friday Night. So you know what that means..Football. I know its not his fault, but staying home on Friday night on a what I think is a HUGE milestone and accomplishment, with the kids is a little disappointing. But I have been reading the Power of a Positive mom (a good read if you need something) and there is always a bright side somewhere. So here is the bright side. This is the last Friday night he has to referee unless they get post season. Jr High, JV, and Freshman FB games are all done as well, so that means my hubby SHOULD be home a few more evenings a week. AND because they are done w/football and he doesn't have to go to Vegas for business this year, he gets to be here next Friday night to help take the kids trick or treating for Halloween!!! That in itself is HUGE given the fact that he has been gone every Halloween for 4 years in a row. I am sure my parents and in-laws are excited about this as well. So..I am writing to all of my faithfull followers,look on the bright side, there is always tomorrow right?????

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little Pumpkin Patch

My mom and dad have a really big garden and every year they plant pumpkins and gourds and every year has been kind of a so-so year. Well this year was really good. They have pumpkins and gourds a plenty. On Sunday we went to their house after church for lunch and after a quick nap the kids and my nephew Carter went to "the little pumpkin patch". Owen was a little grumpy during the picking, but perked up when he saw the hose w/water to wash off the pumpkins. We picked plenty and now have some to do a little if only the front porch was done so I could make it look really festive!

Cheerleading Debut.....

Maddison participated in a cheer clinic last Wednesday and then got cheer at the football game Friday night during halftime. She did a good job. She's in the middle w/her pink jacket tied around her waist that I begged for her to take off. Not sure the sound will work on video so here are the words. "Our team is what? Dynamite, Our team is what? Dynamite. Our team is tick, tick, tick, BOOM DYNAMITE." At least I think that's what they are saying.

Friday Night Football

Since Garrett was about 3 I have been going to Friday Night football games by myself w/the kids because of Brent refereeing Varsity Football games. At times it gets old and I could just stay home, but it gets us out of the house and now that the kids are a little older they actually enjoy going too. Plus we get to sit next to some really great people. The Ferguson family have sat by us for atleast 4 years and the kids enjoy playing together, but now that they are older they want to sit w/friends. Last Friday night that left Julie and I (for a short time) w/just our younger two. Jonah will be 2 in January and Owen is almost 16 months. Jonah wasn't too thrilled w/me taking pictures!

Our Little Helper

Owen loves the outdoors. When anyone is outside he thinks he has to be outside too. He actually entertains himself pretty easily, which is good most of the time, but he also becomes pretty brave and ventures farther off than I would like at times. He has been known to head to the shed or down the alley-way behind the shed to look at the cows. This picture is of him helping us out on the front porch.

Porch Project

There always seems to be an abundance of projects that need to be done at our house. When we built our house we were so anxious to get in that some projects were put off until we had "more time and money". Well some got done right away (within a year) others were scattered here and there and some immediately the whole house needing be resided because of wood rot and the basement semi-finished because of child #3 on the way. Well the basement isn't completely done. There is no bathroom and toy room yet, but "maybe this winter". Anyway we started another project about 3 weeks ago that I have been wanting done since we moved in. FRONT STEPS OFF THE FRONT PORCH! I have always thought the house looked semi-unfinished so I finally talked Brent into taking on this project. I actually owe Heath and Mikhaela some credit...because of them getting sidewalks poured at their house made my husband and I (more me than him) a little more ambitious to start. Actually we are a long ways from even putting on the steps because we are rocking the porch underneath to make it looked finished and then the steps are going up. I have enclosed some pics as to how we are getting along. Oh, when I say "we" it really means Brent. I help when I can, but Owen has to "help" too!

We had to bring in dirt under the deck to make things more level then poured concrete slabs for some treated lumber to sit on.

Next we added plywood. To this we will cover w/tar paper and a metal mesh. Then we will attach rock and morter. Part of this is done, but weather has prohibitted any more work for now. But thanking God for the rain as we were getting pretty dry.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A few updates

*Monday- Can someone please tell how a baby knows when you want to take quick break and put your feet up? Now I am not talking about sitting on my rear for 2 hours and eating bon bons. Here's my story....I worked hard all monday morning to get a few things done. Owen really was pretty good in allowing me to get things done. I put him down for a nap, cleaned all the bathrooms. Not just a quick wipe down but the whole 9 yards. Floors, mirrors, tub, toilet, sinks. And with 2 1/2 baths this takes a bit. I finished folding the laundry and put another in and even did a quick work out on dvd. Ok so I am tired (hate to admit, but that wore me out). I wanted to take a quick break. So I got myself I bowl of homeade chex mix and some lemonade and went to plop on the couch for 10 minutes and BAM...Owen is awake. Could he smell the chex mix, hear my ice clinking in the glass or what? I have never figured that one out...
*Tuesday- We are trying to limit Owen's pacifier now to just nap time and bedtime, By about 12:45 he is tired and ready for a nap. As I was giving him his pacifier for nap, Brent called. By the time I got done talking to him which was about 5 minutes I found Owen asleep on his bedroom floor. He was out because he never even stirred when I put him in his crib.

Tuesday night was also maddison's last soccer game. Sorry no pics. They did end the season on winning note.

Wed. Owen to 2 immunization shots in the morning and then we went to playgroup for 30 minutes or so. He still likes that car...won't really do much else. RIght after lunch we went to G&M's school. Every year they do a Thanksgving Feast at school. With them having such a small school (35 students in combined classrooms) a lot of parent help is needed. So I went to start making dinner rolls. I know that Thanksgiving is still a ways out, but we need about 250-300 rolls. And with kids helping that takes time. For some that don't know about Longford School, the school is small like I said. K-5 has 35 students in 2 classrooms. K-2 and 3-5. They have art and pe as well as Title 1 services. The principal comes out 1 1/2 days a week, plus we have a secretary and custodian and part time teachers aide. Anyay...the school puts on this Thanksgiving Feast for friends and familes of the students along w/the community of Longford. We feed over 100 people w/ stew, rolls and dessert. The kids make all the food, from homeade butter to the apple dessert. Its a lot of work, but the kids learn SO much. All the food is donated by students and the community club. After we eat the kids put on a program. It really is cool, hope to have pics in November.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Football Saturday

Garrett had his 4th Flag football game this Saturday morning. Unfortunately they lost. The other team was pretty good, but the upside is Garrett scored a touchdown today. We have been lucky that every game so far has been nice and sunny, today a little windy, but atleast it wasn't cold and wet. We are half way through the season. This was a quick pass and touchdown run! (notice he doesn't quite have the "tuck and run" thing down quite yet, but we are making progress. Oh, and he did have a thumb "injury" that was hindering him a bit. Garrett's quote of the day, "I can't even hold a pencil, CAN YOU IMAGINE how it would feel to CATCH a FOOTBALL!!!"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Wed am Owen and I went to playgroup for only the 2nd time. He was much more enjoyable this time than last. He loves to ride in the plastic cars. I say ride, but he really just sits and turns the steering wheel. He likes to take the key out and then wants me to stick it back in. Just so you all know that gets OLD really fast.. Then I met Shanna for a quick chat and walk. Brent got off work early today so he went w/me to Manhattan. Owen had a dr's appt at 2:15. So before that we hit walmart, walgreens, and home depot. It is amazing to me how fast you can be in and out of walmart w/another adult to help out. Owen does have an ear infection so we are set up for 10 days of antibiotics. I hope I can remember for 10 days. Brent got the upstairs shower faucet switched out. And the downstairs shower he finished last night. So back to 2 working bathrooms and there should be no leaks for years and years. One can only hope.

Tuesday-soccer night.

I told you it might be every once in a while that I would update and I was true to my word. On Tuesday night Maddison had a soccer game. She is really enjoying it. She is one of the older ones on her team so that makes the majority of team 4-5 year olds. This has taught her and myself a little more patience as some don't really know what is going on. So between me yelling at the kids to kick the ball "the other way" and "please get your head out of the net, your not the goalie" Maddison has done very well. She has only managed to hurt two kids, one she kicked the ball right in his face and the other was throwing the ball in and hit someone in the arm. She does feel bad and apologizes right away. Brent says, "no need to apologize that's part of the game" Garrett is pretty funny to watch also as he gets a little excited when Maddison scores. I enjoy hearing him say, "that's my sister". Although if you ask him..."her games are so boring". He doesn't have to worry about him being bored much longer she only has 1 game left, maybe 2 if we make up a game that got canceled due to rain.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I finally did it....

Greetings from the 5 C's...

So because I don't have a face book or my space account I don't get to keep in touch very often with my friends and family..thus this blog. I can't promise how often I will update or if anyone will even read, but at least it might be something to keep some up to date.

We have had a fairly uneventful day until Brent came home. We have had to tear our shower out because the shower faucet was leaking and dripping into Maddison's "new room" downstairs. Yes, the one we just did exactly 1 year ago to make room for Owen. So now her nice white ceiling has some water marks. We hope the damage is not severe, but we don't have a shower in our bathroom. Been interesting going back to one shower, but hey we at least have a shower that works. Anyway...while Brent was working on the plumbing, I was helping hold some pipes and Owen was watching. But apparently while we were busy, Owen licked some pipe dope. His mouth was all white and sticky. We immediately read the label and it doesn't say anything about being toxic. It does say if you have a skin reaction to contact a Dr. So we wiped out his mouth and he seems fine. A little mischievous if you ask me. Boy is Owen so different from the other kids. I think he will give us a run for our money. Here are some pics of our quick vacation to Minnesota for my cousins wedding over Labor Day. We had a good time and the kids were great for the long car ride. Hope you enjoy reading about the everyday life of the 5 C's.