Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm an Aunt again......

I just got the news that Brent and I are uncle and aunt again. Brent's brother Rex and wife Lori had their 3rd boy this morning at 10am. Karson Lowell Craig weighed 6.14 and 19 in. long. Labor went fast. She was induced at 7am this morning. Mother and Baby are fine. We see the little guy this afternoon. Hopefully will have pics soon. Keegan and Kolby will be excited I'm sure. Maddison was disappointed w/another boy, but I am sure will get over it once she can hold him, plus she has Boston! Garrett chalked another one up for the boys. I called them this morning at school to tell them and of course Garrett wanted to tell Maddison right away. I told him that he needed to go right back to class and leave her alone. We shall see this afternoon how much was said, because I am sure Maddison will be keeping track. Have a great day.


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