Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Porch Project

There always seems to be an abundance of projects that need to be done at our house. When we built our house we were so anxious to get in that some projects were put off until we had "more time and money". Well some got done right away (within a year) others were scattered here and there and some immediately necessary..ie the whole house needing be resided because of wood rot and the basement semi-finished because of child #3 on the way. Well the basement isn't completely done. There is no bathroom and toy room yet, but "maybe this winter". Anyway we started another project about 3 weeks ago that I have been wanting done since we moved in. FRONT STEPS OFF THE FRONT PORCH! I have always thought the house looked semi-unfinished so I finally talked Brent into taking on this project. I actually owe Heath and Mikhaela some credit...because of them getting sidewalks poured at their house made my husband and I (more me than him) a little more ambitious to start. Actually we are a long ways from even putting on the steps because we are rocking the porch underneath to make it looked finished and then the steps are going up. I have enclosed some pics as to how we are getting along. Oh, when I say "we" it really means Brent. I help when I can, but Owen has to "help" too!

We had to bring in dirt under the deck to make things more level then poured concrete slabs for some treated lumber to sit on.

Next we added plywood. To this we will cover w/tar paper and a metal mesh. Then we will attach rock and morter. Part of this is done, but weather has prohibitted any more work for now. But thanking God for the rain as we were getting pretty dry.

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