Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Breaking News.....

Maddison Jenae lost her 1st tooth on Saturday night in her corn on the cob at Popeye's! She was absolutely hilarious. She was eating away and had made a few comments that the corn was getting hard to eat because of this certain tooth. About 10 minutes later she had this wierd look on her face. And spits the tooth in her hand and hands it to me. There was a little blood, I'm not sure what she thought of that. So there we are in Popeye's (first time we have ever eaten there) and stuffing napkins in her mouth. We managed to get home w/out loosing the tooth. Maddison put her tooth under the pillow and went to bed. She was so tired that she put herself to bed w/out any nagging from us or even wanting us to come tuck her in. Sunday morning I wake her up to go to church. She hops up and to check on the tooth fairy and "gift". What did the tooth fairy leave? ZIPPO, NOTTA, ZIP. The tooth fairy FORGOT!!! Can you believe it. Maddison was like, "What, why is my tooth still here?" "There must be an explanation." I say " Maybe she thought you would wake up" Maddie heads upstairs to eat breakfast and then shower. While she's in the shower the tooth fairy showed up w/a large monetary donation(atleast I think a $1.00 is a lot for a tooth) in her nightstand. Surely it was there before right???? Maddison bought the explanation and I think we are good to go.. Go ahead and say it out loud I know you are all thinking it. What kinda LOSER is this Tooth Fairy that she forgets one of the most important jobs that she has? The tooth fairy has no excuse. Only that she is sorry and lucky that she has such a loving and forgiving child as my daughter Maddison.PS. the tooth fairy has been put on call as tooth number 2 is loose as of tonight.

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