Wednesday, February 25, 2009

500 dollars +

Headline: "500 dollars or more in damage occured when Brent Craig, Wakefield and a deer collided around 4th & Jayhawk Rd's. No injuires were reported". Yes, we joined the many other unfortunate individuals in the county on Sunday night. I will have to say I had a second or two of de ja vu when the deer hit as I was sitting in the front passenger seat AGAIN. Thank God it wasn't like the last wreck that we had (Oct 07) and thankfully we can repair the van and not have to get a new one. Oh sure a new van would be nice but the thought of trying to sell this one and find another one (husband likes ebay for a good deal which in some cases has taken months!) is not on my top list of priorities right now. So we will head to the shop on Monday and the van will be as good as new (except for the miles). To bad those can't be fixed as well.

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