Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 1 of 10

I am sure you all thought this was some cool countdown to my trip to Mexico right? Yeah, its a countdown all right, but not a fun one. Owen is on his first day of 10 day prescription meds. Ear infection. Glad I went today to dr. He kinda acted funny all weekend. One minute he was high as a kite, running around, being very naughty actually and the next crying, having meltdowns, temper tantrums (more than normal). But what really caught my attention was him not eating. We went to pizza hut on friday (thanks book it and thanks to my kids who are such good readers), and he only ate one half of one personal pan piece of pizza and only a little pop (don't judge me that my 19 month old can down a cup of pop in 30 seconds...please). On sat night at Boston's bday party, didn't even eat a whole hot dog (atleast they were turkey dogs), not even w/his favorite dip, ketchup. And no snacking. This is the same kid who constantly carries around a little bowl of snacks all day. Sunday no breakfast, or lunch, a few crackers and some bites of hot dog at a Super Bowl party. So I KNEW something was up. I thought maybe strep, since that is going around Longford school, but found out today his left ear is infected...So I have 10 days to finish the anitbiotic and then

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