Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We've had an extremely busy weekend. Friday was the last day of school, Saturday morning I had a garage sale w/my sister in law Mikhaela in conjunction w/Wakefield city wide garage sales, Saturday night BBQ at the Henry's. On Sunday we went to church, ALL took long naps and then my parents came over and headed for our second fishing trip of the year. This time we went to a couple of pond's Brent's parents own. First one not much luck. But did manage to catch this.

We then ended up going to another pond in the same pasture. This we had the best luck. Kids again did really well. I really don't recall if Maddie actually caught any fish, but she sure had fun touching and petting the fish.
Garrett caught this fish, all by himself. His pole actually broke. But he had ran w/the pole far enough after the first bite, that the fish had been drug onto the bank. I wish I had THAT on video.

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