Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its A Boy or a Girl or

A Big Green Tractor.  This tractor is the latest addition to our shed.   Home.  I will have to say Brent has been wanting something like this for awhile, but tractors in general are not cheap.  He bought this at an auction last Friday.  It's a little rough and needs some work, but it did make it the 11 miles home with no problems.  He tells me there are all sorts of possibilities for the tractor....
Owen was just beside himself.  You all really have no idea how hooked this kid is on tractors!  Here he is practicing his farmer wave!
All smiles
PS-Brent did tell me last night that it when he is scraping the grease of  this tractor it makes him smile knowing its all his. Only God understands what can make a man smile!
A quick note. Garrett was sick yesterday so he was unable to attend this photo shoot.  But he is just as excited as the other two gentlemen in the home.  This might be a really good bonding experience.  Now if only Brent wouldn't work on it when its the kids' bedtime.  (I think he does that on purpose!)

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ch said...

Well, GEEZ. Madison was owed at LEAST a rabbit. With the enthusiasm that tractor is generating, I'd say she could have gone for a pony. ;0)