Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Road Race

Our church held its 12th annual Road Race.  Its a fundraiser for our youth group.  Its a 10K and a 1 mile fun run/walk.  I actually ran the 10K both last year and this year and I'm pretty sure my time was EXACTLY the same...not sure good or bad, but I finished and I didn't walk.  But O my goodness was it hot and humid and little breeze, did I mention humid???  I have run a few races and even done an adventure race and I didn't get as hot as Saturday, but again I finished and glad I did it.  (I was very tempted to back out at the last minute)

O's job for the race was to ring our old church bell when runners approached the finish line. 
(Maddie apparently needed to help as well)
Faster than a speeding bullet! hahahaha
Yep, that's me and that is how Brent took this pic, I promise you I didn't crop it.
Owen did the "1"mile too...only his one mile was from the start line to the finish line, without .99 miles in between, but isn't he cute??
Garrett Start of 1 mile........end of 1 mile

Maddie start of 1 mile.......finish of 1 mile..
notice the facial expressions have changed from smiling to nearly crying?  I felt the SAME way. 

My mom walked too and even shaved a few minutes off her time from last year, sorry no pics!  But still proud of you!  Then the rains came down...right after we started breakfast and the awards ceremony.  Glad no one (including me) was still running because it was NASTY out. 

We shall see about next year.....

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beth foster said...

looks like fun! (and hot!) sorry I didn't make it.
p.s. LOVE the pic of you speeding by. ;)