Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Ball 2010

Well...ball ended this past week.  Several solid weeks of 3 games a week ended.  Overall it was a great season.  It was hot a few games, but not unbearable and we never had ONE rain out, which is amazing considering the wet summer we had.
Maddison enjoys ball A LOT.  She did very well.  However she is getting a little impatient w/the "t-ball" thing.  Meaning not keeping score and everybody bats type of thing.  She is just a little more competitive than t-ball.  We shall see what next year brings. 

Garrett's team WON the championship on Thursday night.  It was very exciting.  This season Garrett played many if not all positions.  His team only had 9 players and he was at church camp during the first 2 games of the tourney.  Our team in fact only played w/ 6 boys and won both early games.  On Thursday night G was back so they had 7.  
Here he is catching
He even pitched one inning. 
Sorry for the blurry pic, but my camera and I were having issues. 
Owen spent a lot of time at the ball field too.  He loved to "warm up" outside the fence
OR he was snacking!
For as much as we were at the ball field he did amazing and only one instance of pulling down his pants in front of everyone to pee on a tree!  For a country boy who sometimes goes wherever and whenver, I'd say that's pretty good!  In some ways I'm sad ball is over, HOWEVER-I feel like my summer can BEGIN!

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