Monday, August 23, 2010

For the First time....

Lucky went to the lake and so did the rest of the family..Lucky loved the water and for a puppy, thought he was very well behaved....
and for the first time since the accident I felt NORMAL.  Even if only for a couple of hours.  Some friends said they were going to the lake and wanted to know if we wanted to go.  Brent and I debated, but we decided to try it out.  We only live 12 miles away if it didn't work out we could always come home.  But it did work and felt good.  I sat in a lounge chair in the water and the kids played and I had some much needed social time.

It felt so good to be out and about.  Thank you friends for the invite and giving us a since of normalcy.  Hoping for more of that soon!

On a side note...I'm really disappointed to learn that my neurosurgeon has changed his schedule and my Sept 15 post op appt has been changed to Oct 1st... That will be exactly 10 weeks since I put the brace on.  The only way to get in sooner is if someone cancels.  Hoping for a sooner date, but maybe more time in the brace means a better chance of being rid of it for good instead of going in too soon and having to wear it longer. 

But I have decided that even though I'm not that crafty, I'm dressing this brace up.  Some embelishments and ribbon of some sort...Now to decide on colors.  Hoping Hobby Lobby will give me some inspiration.  Anyone have a bedazzler I could borrow???

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beth foster said...

I wanted to see a shot of you lounging in your lounge chair!!
great seeing you last night! hope the food was okay and no one has food poisoning today... ;)