Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maddison is 8

Maddison turned 8 on Monday.  We had our family bday party over the weekend.

.Maddison's Cake (last one until June 2011!)
This cake was acutally pretty easy and it was the first time I worked w/fondit.  It was pretty easy actually.
The topper is a wooden M from Hobby Lobby that we spray painted white and then dipped in glitter
Topper Sprigs were from Hobby Lobby 50% off (i actually bought too many because we couldn't decide and then I was going to return the ones we didn't use.  well..maddie wanted all so the "leftovers are now in her room waiting for just the right vase to be put in)
Opening presents...clothes, clothes, boots, shoes, cd's, and a coat, plus some cash..

I know the men and boys were BORED to death if Maddie opened yet another box of apparel

Just an FYI out there for ya.  When you purchase gifts for your children, make sure its not something Santa Claus tried to give last year, but was too small.  Atleast this time the size was right...
Sigh..don't even ask

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ch said...

Well, THIS post was GREAT.

As I sat here, wondering how a mom with a broken back manages to have a clean house, bake and decorate a 3 layer cake and host a birthday celebration, it occurred to me.

I have a kid having a birthday party on Saturday.
And have given NO thought to the event. And probably don't have a cake mix in the house...let alone frosting...or candles...or fondant...

My poor deprived children must NEVER be allowed to view this blog.