Friday, December 3, 2010

KC Chiefs

In November we went to a KC Chiefs game.  Took the whole family.  It was a first for Maddison and Owen.  The weather was really very nice for November and we didn't have to wear hats and gloves and blankets during the game.  The first shot is arrival at the stadium.  All did well except Owen wanted to go into the game at 8:30.  Guess he's not much for tailgating.
Garrett and friends getting ready to play footbal in the parking lot
Some moms brought face paint


More boys with face paint

Maddison's face paint

The whole "football team" tailgating before the game

Opening ceremonies of the game.  Owen looked high and low all game for KC Wolf.  He doesn't really make too many appearances.

Game time

PS-sorry about text and pics-blogger and I are having issues and now its deleting images..grrrr
Oh-no phone call yet from dr.  calling this am.  can't stand it anymore


Unknown said...

We also had a great time! Good to see your there! :o)

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