Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Mornings

On Saturday Mornings if we don't have to be anywhere pressing to be I try to make something different for breakfast.  The usually eat ceral on average 6 times a week.  I had come across this receipe:
Brown Sugar Biscuits from Money Saving Mom.  Looked fairly easy and good. 
I didn't take pics of the mixing...these are what they looked like before baking. 
I would recommend a few tips:  make sure you flour, flour, flour your surface..I didn't, and they stuck to my counter, not enough that I couldn't handle, but a little stickier and of course not as "perfect" looking. 

They take about 12 minutes...Kids did this while waiting
It's called zoning/vegging infront of cartoons!

Ta DA!  Finished product...
Yep...I told you they didn't look perfect.  Another tip.  Roll a lot more tightly than I did.  I think that would have been easier had the dough not been as sticky.  Also I used all butter instead of the crisco/butter mix.  I think the butter tends to make them a little more runny and flater (atleast for me they do, I notice that in cookies)
Breakfast...yummy.  These were really good. They do taste a lot more like a biscuit than cinnamon roll. (hince: the title of receipe, but i still thought maybe it would be like cinnamon roll(ie), but their not)  Maddie thought they needed more brown sugar...I would concur.  But whole process only took about 30-40 minutes, so I would say its a keeper. 
PS-G thought it was silly to smile while eating...I told him it was better than frowning and explaining to my HUGE list of followers what his problem was!