Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wedding Weekend

My cousin Jill was married this past weekend to Larry.  Our family loves them to pieces. 
 Here is the crew before the wedding. 
Maddison ALWAYS thinks we need to have a funny face picture.  Garrett wasn't so sure. 

Owen dancing in the parking lot while waiting for bride and groom to get done w/receiving line.

Rundquist cousins! 
Maddie is holding Morgan

Grady doing a little jig while waiting for supper!

Jill and Larry. 
This was about the only good shot.  The lights in background were wrecking my perfect picture taking! 
Owen dancing w/the bride and maid of honor!

I should probably mention too, that Garrett caught the garter and Maddison caught the bouquet.  G-flicked the garter to the maid of honor's (cousin Lanelle)boyfriend. Hint, hint Jared! and the maid of honor insisted that Maddie keep the bouquet. 

We had a great time and congrats
Jill and Larry. Wishing you both years of happiness!

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