Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 1- Summer Vacation

Week One of Summer vacation was a bit rough!  That is all I'm going to say about it.  I don't have any pics and I'm glad, because they might see an angry, screaming, nagging mother!   And 3 children doing the same!It was a tranisition period.  We did have SOME GREAT moments.  I know our summer will progress better and we all just had a rough week.

Owen was acutally the one that had a BIGGER issue than anyone.

I vow this week will be better! 

Bright Moments in the week.
*Tuesday-Sale Barn day.  "white face" sold. That is G's cow that he has had his ENTIRE LIFE-all of nine years almost 10!  (i know we have a pic of her somewhere, but can't find it right now) That part was sad, but good part was lunch at Wendy's with Grandparents, O likes the sale barn, period! And some cash in the bank.
*Garrett had a his first ball game on Thursday night and got a hit!
*Went shopping on Thursday
*Garage Sale Saturday-made some cash
*BBQ w/friends Sat. night.  (did take my camera, but didn't take a single pic, I don't think the kids would have sat still for more than 2 seconds anyway)
*Grandma Chase celebrated 95 years yesterday and had a bday party at the park tonight.
* Signed kids up for summer reading program.  (I sort of have selfish reasons behind this, I really ENJOY quiet moments in the afternoon, so I make the kids read for 30 minutes and sometimes more if I want a quick cat nap, I know, I know selfish,)

This week:
Agenda for Week 2- I promise to do better and take more pics.
Monday-Fishing and maybe visiting some cemeteries
Tuesday-Maddie's first ball game
Wed-One year check up w/ENT for O's tubes.
Thursday-G & M both have games
Friday-Maybe a trip to KC for the weekend to celebrate nephew's bday!

Week-3 VBS & Ball Games -Enough said!

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beth foster said...

I hardly call that selfish - making your kids read!!
I'm sure the summer will get better - maybe we can come visit you guys soon, not that jack is any fun to "play" with.
have a great week & THANKS For not deleting me! ;)