Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick Trip to KC

A couple of weeks ago we made a quick trip to KC on a Sunday afternoon because Brent had a work meeting.  So we met my brother and family at the Legends and messed around while Brent went to the meeting. 
Cousins checking out animals at Cabella's.  What a Great FREE thing to do when killing time.  IF your kids enjoy "stuffed animals"...which mine do.
 Group Shot
 Going to feed the fish but Cabella's was out of fish food and miracoulsy no one fell in. That is one of my biggest fears.. Don't ask me why, but it is.
 These two yahoo's took a break from "hunting" for a quick photo shot.
 Morgan enjoyed some free space to wander
 Another group shot
Mark and Family toted us to Granite City for supper where ALL the kids ate free on Sunday nights.  It was a great deal. Then to Target.  Brent got done with his meeting and picked us up there.  Thanks Rundquist's for tagging along!

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