Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011

As some go skiing or to the beach and warm temps, we have in last 3 years or more gone to SD.  No, not San Diego, SOUTH DAKOTA. As was the same this year, we miss out on 80 degree weather in Kansas and bring back 30 degree weather with us.  BUT this year we did get to enjoy 2 days of 60-70 degree weather.  Regardless of weather my kids and I had a blast!  (Brent was solo  for 5 days and survived!)

Sunday after church weather was nice, by lunch it was great.  So after a quick lunch we headed to Wagner Lake.  Which is a man made lake with a walking trail around it.  Great place to run off some energy from a long car ride the day before (which btw, my kids did AWESOME.  Only a slight "moments" over dead batteries on dvd players was all)

Little Gazebo
 Of course we had to have a cattle stick..see Pooky the dog in the corner.  OR the calf

 Stopping to throw a few rocks.
 These are some pics of the "Goldhammer Century Farm" that we stay at.  My mom is from South Dakota and her sister JoAnn still lives on the "home" place.  The kids and myself included LOVE to look at and check out the old buildings.  Garrett did a "name" collage with nature items with my mom's camera.  I'll see if I can get those soon. 

The Barn

 Check out the hinges on this old shed.  See the stars?
 The loading chute.  I don't know how long this has been here, but I think a LONG time.
 Inside the barn

 Owen playing sale barn.  Obviously some updates have been made in the barn.  Thus the green metal gate.

Aunt Jayne and Carter working the gate.
 shoo'n cattle up the chute
 Maddie working the gate for the boys loading more cattle
Awesome weather vane.
We are so blessed to have family that welcomes us in the drop of hat.  We were no small group with my mom and my sister Katie with Carter and yes 4 wk old Gemma!  Also my Aunt Jayne from Minnesota came and even brought along my cousin Rebecca with her little girl Natalie, who was born in January.  Not to mention our Hostess Aunt Jo and her companions Pookie and Lexi (who had to be bulls, cows, and calves, more than they ever WANTED too!)  We love you and THANK YOU!

The weather here today stinks and we are praying the weather man is right and we WILL have 80 degrees by Friday!!!!!

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