Friday, June 3, 2011

DIY Corkboard

Owen's room got a small makeover a couple of weeks ago.  I say small because a plain brown corkboard that was hanging on his wall got a makeover.

A regular corkboard (i found at garage sale YEARS ago).  I spray painted the frame black

 Sorry I can't rotate this picture.  Took off newspaper so this is the painted frame.
 Let frame dry and then taped off the frame with painters tape. 
 Primed the corkboard with white spray paint
 Let dry and then I spray painted the whole thing with red matte spray paint
 Let dry and removed painters tape
 Then Owen decorated it with stickers from hobby lobby.  Stickers on sale half off.  He put them on where he wanted.  I only made sure they were right side up...(yes, I was anal about that!)
 Finished product on the wall of his room.  The stickers are football and baseball his two FAVORITE sports
In a nutshell this project took about 2 hours and cost less than 5.00.  However I did have the extra spray paint, painters tape.  But still well worth it and he LOVES it.

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