Friday, October 24, 2008

Did I shave my legs for this??

Today is my anniversary! Yeah! 10 years Brent and I have been in pure marital bliss....ok not ALL the time, but more than not.I thank the Lord every day for my hardworking, devoted husband and dad. I would like to tell you that he took me out to eat, brought me roses, gave me a back rub (without falling asleep), or even a movie, BUT tonight is Friday Night. So you know what that means..Football. I know its not his fault, but staying home on Friday night on a what I think is a HUGE milestone and accomplishment, with the kids is a little disappointing. But I have been reading the Power of a Positive mom (a good read if you need something) and there is always a bright side somewhere. So here is the bright side. This is the last Friday night he has to referee unless they get post season. Jr High, JV, and Freshman FB games are all done as well, so that means my hubby SHOULD be home a few more evenings a week. AND because they are done w/football and he doesn't have to go to Vegas for business this year, he gets to be here next Friday night to help take the kids trick or treating for Halloween!!! That in itself is HUGE given the fact that he has been gone every Halloween for 4 years in a row. I am sure my parents and in-laws are excited about this as well. So..I am writing to all of my faithfull followers,look on the bright side, there is always tomorrow right?????

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