Friday, October 24, 2008

A new friend

This afternoon I was cleaning up around the house and looked out our french doors that go to the back deck and found a new friend. This hawk was just sitting there taking everything in. He looked right at me as I took the first picture and then looked around. I was actually impressed w/my camera and the zoom. I don't think this one was full grown, but all in all I thought he still looked pretty big.

Check out his/her feet. I think they look huge compared to the rest of the body.
(Don't look close at our terrible stain job on the railing. Now I just made you look!)

1 comment:

Daiquiri said...

Wow! I'd have a hay day if that guy came and perched in my yard! I'm so glad you got some pictures to share :)

I just popped over to say thanks for entering to win my giveaway. Good luck!