Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break

On Sunday afternoon Brent and I and family along w/my sister Katie and husband Jeremy and nephew Carter went to Topeka for a quick "spring break getaway." If you call a hotel and the Topeka zoo a getaway. It does meet all "technical terms" We were did "GET AWAY" We all went swimming, well, to give the dads some credit Katie and I went swimsuit shopping and the dads went swimming. But then Katie and I got in w/the kids after supper. Brent made his first appearance to Toys R Us. Both families bought NOTHING! But it was fun to look. On Monday morning with us all refreshed, yeah right. Owen kicked me so many stinking times. It didn't matter what position he or I was in. We had gotten a "suite" and ALL shared a room to save a buck, but the "suite" was no more than a regular room but w/2 beds, pull out sofa and fridge and microwave. The bathroom couldn't have been ANY smaller or the door would have hit the toilet. Needless to say we won't be staying there again. BUT the pool temp water was great. Anyway...we went to the Topeka Zoo. Weather was great and had a good time looking. Ate lunch at the park and headed home. The rest of our Spring Break we are going to be around.

Zoo pic (owen was about 3 sheets to the wind)

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