Monday, March 23, 2009

Wind, wind, go away come again another day

When we were building our house, we noticed that the wind blew. And over the almost 5 years we have lived year, I feel like we have dealt quite nicely w/the wind situation. At year 1 we had our garage and mud room (under construction w/rafters) blow over in a thunderstorm. That night while we were laying in bed listening to the wind Brent had committed on just how strong the wind seemed to be. I think we both dozed off and the next thing we hear is a loud "CRASH-BOOM-BANG). Brent says to me "you get up and check to see if that was our garage because I just can't look" Yep it was, all the rafters laying on the concrete like a domino pieces that had fallen once they are lined up and pushed over.
We have also had to replace our grill that had blown off our front porch several times and finally busted so bad the last time that it was beyond fixable. The new one has more than a few dents itself from being pushed around. In year 3 our trampoline blew away twice, the last time while we were on vacation to yellowstone. I think it layed in our pasture a week before we could go retrieve it. Our trees that we planted when we moved in are still strong. But I truly believe they will be forever shaped/leaning toward straight south or straight north. Maybe just maybe in the end they will even out.
Anyway...this morning my good friend Julie called me in somewhat of a panic about their trampoline. It seems to have blown up against a tree and what could she do? So I told her that when we finally replaced the trampoline (my mother's day present last year) we bought pet stakes, the ones that you can screw into the ground w/a loop at the top. Brent got rope and he zig-zag(ed) the rope through and around the tramopline. I told Julie that really works. I said we are looking good out here today. If people in town are complaining that its windy there, that means it "VERY VERY VERY WINDY" at my place. I told her maybe find something to weight it down until she get something more permanant. Good luck I told her and hung up. 30 minutes later I look out the window and blew a sigh of relief, "GOOD, trampoline is still there..whoa what is that board? No it couldn't be?......

Yep...the kids swingset blew over. Ugh....I will be sure to keep you updated on our next "home improvement project" Oh and if anyone needs someplace to put a windmill/windfarm I know just the place.

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Tiffany said...

ouch. That's no fun!