Sunday, May 17, 2009

First fishing trip of 2009

Today was such a nice day. My mom went to Minnesota to see her sisters and cousins, so my dad was home all weekend by himself. So after church we took him lunch and hung out. After a good nap and Royals game, we decided to go fishing. My parents have gotten each of the grand kids their very own fishing pole. I am thinking O will get one for his birthday come June. My parents have a crick that runs behind their house. It serves all sorts of purposes. Swimming, ice skating, fishing, rock throwing, rock skipping. In fact when we were kids my brother and I would practice water rescues w/my sister Katie. She's still alive, so I guess that makes Mark and I pretty darn good. (Let me clarify: it wasn't like she was actually drowning) we just tell her to go up current and jump in and we would catch her as she floated by and even that could only be done when the creek was up. Anyway...... we went fishing. Kids started out really well just like always, in fact the fish were biting. I bet we caught at least a dozen little sunfish. I should say dad and I caught a dozen. G and M did good, but then jumping the creek and getting wet took precedent. O could have cared less about the fish, he wanted sticks and rocks. Brent did take him to go check cattle w/4 wheeler for awhile. Here are a few picks of our day.
Grandpa Dave and the kids.
Owen and his sticks (looks like he is witchn' for water)
Garrett and his first catch of the day. He is the only boy I know who has to wear sweats to fish in, because jeans are too hot and itchy. Oh, wait my brother MARK did the same thing!

Maddie serious about fishing.

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Katie said...'d never guess your kids are farm kids, huh?! ;)