Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's a Girl

My brother Mark and sister in law Heather found out during their sonogram yesterday they are having a girl. The video is of Maddie finding out and Garrett saying how he already knew. He is so full of it he had no idea, but he can't stand that he didn't know first. Is that a first born thing? My nephew Kael apparently knew it was a girl too, as he told Mark and Heather's small group at church and his Sunday School classs that they were having a girl, way before they ever found out. Kael would also argue w/Mark and Heather about the baby being a girl. Mark and Heather already have 2 boys so the chances of them having a girl were pretty slim. We are excited and so is Maddie. Notice in the video she is looking at Garrett as if she has just beat him in a game and can't wait to brag. Now Maddison has Boston (craig side) and Baby girl (rundquist side). Is their more to come?? Katie? Mikhaela? Lori?


Tiffany said...

That is FUNNY. Typical older brother :)

Geiger Family said...

I got the same phone call last night during the season finale of Criminal Minds - I almost made him call back! Oh, and why is MY name first on the list? We still have plenty of time... Just let me get moved first! :)

Lori Craig said...

That would be a big fat "NO"!!!